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How can I find out which data category an individual data field is in

One of the most common questions we receive from users is how to find out which data category a particular data field resides in. This information is available in the Stock Investor Help System. Access the Help System by selecting Contents and Index from the Help menu at the top of the Stock Investor window (Help — Contents and Index).

The Help System window:


At the Help Contents window, select the Contents tab and double-click on Field Definitions. As an example, to locate the data category for PE, double-click on Alphabetical Listing of Field Definitions and again on the "P" (for PE). This will list all of the data fields in Stock Investor that start with the letter "P" in alphabetical order. From here, double-click on PE to bring up its field definition window:


The field definition window tells us that the PE field is in the Multiples data category. Furthermore, we see that the value is displayed in decimal format and the percent rank and industry/sector medians are calculated for the field. You are also given a definition of the ratio.