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How do I print specific data for the companies that pass a screen or are in a portfolio I created

Within Stock Investor, company data is printed using any of the program's reports. To print reports in Stock Investor, select the File menu and them select Print (File--Print) or click on the printer icon from the toolbar at the top of the program window. This will open the Available Reports window:


Stock Investor offers a myriad of reports to choose from, including company summary reports, comprehensive reports, and view reports. Company summary reports are one page reports and do not allow users to specify the data they want for the company. Comprehensive reports allow users to specify which blocks of data they wish to print, but not the individual data points contained in the report. For full customization, you will need to use View Reports.

A View Report allows users to print company and industry data in a tabular format. Data can be printed either vertically (with company names running across the top of the page) or horizontally (with company names listed down the side of the page). You can print View Reports for either the selected company or the entire group of companies in the active stock notebook.

Stock Investor comes with a collection of predefined Views, but users can also create custom Views with only those data points they want. Views in Stock Investor are created using the View Editor. To Open the View Editor, select View Editor from the Tools menu (Tools — View Editor) or click on the View Editor icon from the toolbar at the top of the program window.

This is the Stock Investor View Editor:


When creating a View, keep in mind that it will only provide those data points you specify. Therefore, be sure to add fields such as Company Name and/or Ticker so you know which company's data you are looking at on the screen or in a printed report. Once you have created your new View, be sure to save it by clicking on the Save As button.

To print a View Report, there are two ways to access the Available Reports menu: Click on the Print icon on the toolbar or select Print from the File menu (File — Print). To print data for all the companies in the Active Notebook (the entire database, the results of a stock screen, or the contents of a portfolio), select View Report — All Companies in Active Notebook by double-clicking the heading. At the View Report window, you can select the view you wish to print and whether you wish to display data across by field or issue (company). Once you are finished, click the Ok button to generate the View Report. Then click Print to print the report.