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Percent Change

Stock Investor Pro provides quarterly and annual financial statement data for select financial statement items. In addition to total and percentage change figures that are provided for quarterly financial statement data, Stock Investor Pro includes per share amounts and common size financial statements.

Financial Statements - Annual

Stock Investor Pro includes select income statement, balance sheet and cash flow statement data for the past seven years annually.

The Fin - Ann’l tab gives you the option of looking at the data on a total dollar basis as well as on a per share basis, a percentage change year-to-year basis and common-size financials basis.

Just as quarter-on-quarter percentage change data is provided for the quarterly financials, annual percentage change data is available on the Percent Change sub-tab of the Fin - Ann’l tab of the Stock Notebook. Stock Investor Pro users have seven years of income statement, cash flow, and balance sheet data. When looking at several years of financial data, a good way to identify trends is to examine the changes in the data over time. These changes are presented in Stock Investor Pro in the form of percent change from year-to-year.

Here is the Financial Statements - Annual (Percent Change) tab for Johnson & Johnson (JNJ):


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