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Stock Investor Utilities

Stock Investor Utilities: Database Management Tools

The Stock Investor program provides several utility functions that will help you in various ways. As these utilities must be run outside of the program, a special program was created called Stock Investor Utilities. Also make sure that Stock Investor is not already running before opening the Stock Investor Utilties.

To open the Stock Investor Utilities, click on the Start icon of your computer and go to the AAII program—(Programs > AAII > Stock Investor > Stock Investor Utilities).

This will open the Stock Investor Utilities window:

Backup User Files

This utility function will back up all the necessary files used to store your screens, portfolios, views, notebooks, and custom fields. Once the option is selected, you will be prompted to enter a destination for the files. Type A: in the box provided to backup the user files to a floppy disk or select the ‘…’ to designate a location in the directory tree.

Restore User Files

This function will restore all the necessary files used to store your screens, portfolios, views, notebooks, and custom fields. When selected, it will prompt you to find the location of the backup files. Once you locate the files, click OK to restore. This option is only good if you are restoring user files from another Stock Investor Pro or Stock Investor Standard (version 3.0 or higher).

Pack User Files

Using the Delete option to remove screens, views, portfolios, etc., from within the Stock Investor program does not truly remove the entries from the user files. In actuality, it only marks them as ‘deleted,’ prompting the program to no longer make them visible. The Pack User Files option is provided as a means to clean up your user files. It will actually remove the deleted entries from the user files and thereby reduce file size.

Calculate All Custom Fields

This option acts the same as the Recalculate All option from within the program. It is placed here for convenience, as calculating should be performed after restoring user files. This option will go through each custom field that you have created and apply it to each stock within the program. Until the calculations are performed, you will be unable to use the custom field in a screen, view, or another custom field.

Check Portfolios

This should be run each time you install a data update or use the Restore User Files option. It examines the portfolios that you have created within the program to find out whether Stock Investor is still tracking all the companies in them. A notice will appear at the conclusion informing you of the number of stocks that are no longer tracked. If you have a printer, you can print a report listing the tickers in each portfolio that are no longer in the database.

Load Predefined Data

AAII provides a set of pre-established screens, views, portfolios, and custom fields for your convenience to utilize within the program. Although you are given the option to load this set of data during the installation process, you may need to come back later and reload it if you delete the data or if it becomes corrupted. If you declined the initial offer to install predefined data and later wish to do so, simply select this option.

Reindex All Files

This option should be used if you suspect that the database indexes might be corrupt. Some signs of this:

  • When trying to rank companies, they do not appear to be in order;

  • You get an explicit error message reading ‘Index Is Corrupt and Needs to Be Repaired.’

Purge Data