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Weekly Updates

AAII offers weekly and month-end data updates to Stock Investor Pro subscribers. These files are typically available for automatically through the Stock Investor Pro and for download from the Weekly Data Updates section of the Stock Investor area of the AAII Web site by Sunday morning (Central time). You can subscribe to the AAII Stock Investor RSS feed to receive notices when the new weekly update files are available.

The first time you open Stock Investor Pro after installing the program, you will be prompted to log in. The Stock Investor Pro log-in and password are the same log-in and password use for the AAII website.


Each time Stock Investor Pro is opened, the program will connect to our server to check whether there is a data update available. If there is, the program will ask whether you would like to update the data via the following window prompt. For the latest data, click the radio button next to Current Data Update and click Update. If you want the latest month-end data (the data AAII uses to run its monthly stock screens), click the radio button next to Month-End Data Update and click Update. If you do not wish to update the data at this time, click Skip Update and Stock Investor Pro will open.


If you chose to update your data, the updater will download the update file. This may take several minutes, depending on the speed of your Internet connection. Once the download is complete, there will be a period of inactivity before the update installation begins. Please be patient during this time.

If you receive a prompt asking you to allow the program to make changes to your computer, click Yes to proceed.

Once the update installation is complete, there will be another period of inactivity lasting approximately 30 seconds before the Stock Investor Utilities opens and performs a series of database management operations, including reindexing database files and installing predefined data.

Lastly, the program will automatically recalculate the custom fields. Once the recalculation is complete, the Stock Investor Pro program window will open to Stock Notebook #1 – Untitled.


To verify the data as of date in Stock Investor, you can click on the Help menu and select About (Help--About). At the bottom of the The About Stock Investor window you will find the monthly and weekly data as of dates: