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Why does the data as-of date in Stock Investor Pro not change after I download AND install the latest weekly data update

If you have downloaded the latest weekly update and inastalled it, yet the data as-of date does not change, chances are very good that you have multiple copies of the update file on your system from different weeks.

We recommend doing a search of your system for all data updates you have saved on it and creating a download folder specifically for weekly updates to cut down the risk of this happening again in the future.

To search for all the data update files on your system, click on the Windows Start icon and select Search followed by For Files or Folders. This will open the Search Results window. At the bottom-left of this window, click on "all files and folders." For the filename search, type in update or fullupdate, depending on whether you install the partial or full weekly update, respectively. Once the search is complete, weekly update files should show up as applications in the Type column. Full weekly update files (fullupdate.exe) are approximately 39,000KB and partial weekly updates (update.exe) are approximately 8,500KB in size. The update file with the most recent date in the Modified column is probably the file you wish to install.

It is a good idea to delete any other update files you find, but ONLY if you are confident they are Stock Investor data update files.