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These questions have been collected by Stock Investor Support Staff over time. We've found that most questions subscribers have are answered here. If you have a question that isn't answered here, search this site for an answer. You can also ask questions of others users.

  1. How do I transfer my Stock Investor user files from one system to another?
  2. How do I print specific data for the companies that pass a screen or are in a portfolio I created?
  3. Why is the Apply button grayed out in the Screen Editor so that I cannot apply my screen?
  4. How are Factors used in the Screen Editor?
  5. How can I find out which data category an individual data field is in?
  6. How do I re-create the OShaughnessy Growth Market Leaders screen?
  7. When looking at the stock screens you track at the AAII Web site versus the screens that are included in Stock Investor, I am confused as to which Stock Investor screens correspond to the Web screens. Can you offer some clarification?
  8. I am not able to delete a screen I created. When I go to the Edit menu, the Delete option is grayed out. What is wrong?
  9. Looking at the insider and institutional ownership percentages in Stock Investor, many stocks add up to over 100%. How is that possible?
  10. How can I decipher the column heading names when I export data from Stock Investor?
  11. Why doesn't the data as-of date in Stock Investor Pro change after I download the latest weekly data update?
  12. Now that I have downloaded AND instaled the latest weekly data update the data as-of date still hasn't changed. What is wrong now?
  13. How does the "Latest Month-End Data" update file that is available for download from AAII.com differ from the full weekly update that is already available?
  14. Do I still need to install the monthly update CD even if I download and install the full weekly updates and/or the latest month-end data update?
  15. What is the SSG file download now available on the Web site?
  16. What is the difference between the Program/Data Install file and the other weekly data updates?