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Installing Stock Investor

You can either install Stock Investor with the CD you receive in the mail or you can download and install the full program from the Weekly Data Updates section of the Stock Investor area of AAII.com.

Installing from CD

This Getting Started Guide will walk you through the steps of installing your Stock Investor CD.

Downloading & Installing Full Program/Data Update

If you do not have Stock Investor already installed on your computer, and you have a high-speed Internet connection (DSL, cable modem, T-1/T-3, etc.), you can download the entire program from the Weekly Data Updates section of the Stock Investor area of AAII.com. AAII offers weekly data updates to Stock Investor Pro subscribers. These files are typically available for download from the AAII Web site (www.aaii.com) by Sunday morning (Central time). There are three weekly update files available: a program/data update, that includes the program installation and the latest data; a partial update that updates price-sensitive data, growth rates, ratios, and earnings estimates; and a full update that will update the entire Stock Investor Pro database. The program/data update is intended only for those who do not have the program already installed on their system. If you already have Stock Investor Pro installed and wish to update the data, here are the instructions to access, download, and install the weekly data-only updates.

Make sure Stock Investor Pro and/or Stock Investor Utilities are not running on your system.

Go to the Weekly Data Updates page of the Stock Investor Pro area of AAII.com: www.aaii.com/stockinvestor/downloads.

At the Stock Investor download page, click on either the Full Weekly Update or Partial Weekly Update button to download a weekly update file. We strongly recommend that you first save the file to your computer, preferably your desktop so you can easily locate the file when the download is complete.

When the download process is complete, double-click on the update file on your desktop (the Partial Update is named update.exe and the Full Update is named fullupdate.exe) and select Run. This will launch the installation wizard.

Click Next at the Welcome screen of the Stock Investor Pro Data Update window.

You will be asked to verify the location you want Stock Investor installed on your computer. Click Next to use the default installation directory or click the Browse button if Stock Investor Pro is installed in a different location.

The final menu window before the installation begins displays a summary of the installation settings you have specified. If you are satisfied with the settings, click Next to start the installation process.

The update will now copy the files to the correct location.

When the installation is complete, click Finish to start Stock Investor Pro. You will see a series of windows as Stock Investor Utilities performs database management operations.

You will next be prompted to recalculate the custom fields. We strongly recommend you always say Yes to this after installing a data update. When the recalculation is complete, the Stock Investor Pro program window will open and you are ready to begin using the software.

At the bottom of the Stock Investor Pro program window, you will see the weekly "data as of date." It should correspond to the date of the update you downloaded and installed. You can also see the data as of dates by going to the Help menu in Stock Investor and selecting About. At the bottom of the About window are the data as of dates for the weekly and monthly data installed in Stock Investor Pro.