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Welcome to the Stock Investor Support Wiki

The Stock Investor Support wiki is your starting place for documentation, guides, and useful aticles on using AAII's Stock Investor Pro fundamental stock screening and research database program.

Questions about Stock Investor?

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  • Stock Investor Pro UsersManual - a fully formatted PDF of the Stock Investor Help System is available at [Stock Investor User's Manual]

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AAII supplies this space as a place for Stock Investor users to exchange information, tips, ideas, etc. It's a public area, a shared space. If your questions aren't of general interest, you're better off sending email to The Stock Investor Support Team at AAII. That's also the place to send tech support questions.

This is a community project. Left to themselves, open forums tend to get lost in clutter, making it hard for newcomers to find the good parts. We urge regular visitors to help out by answering questions, removing obsolete or obnoxious material, and adding good new material.

Anything posted here may be reorganized, edited, and reprinted elsewhere on AAII's sites or in AAII publications. All other rights remain with the authors. We sincerely appreciate your help. Thanks!