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Rules of Conduct

Use Appropriate Language

Be respectful of others; do not use language that is obscene, defamatory, invades others' privacy, or promotes bigotry, racism, hatred, or harm against any group or individual.

Create Appropriate Content

Use the Stock Investor Pro Wiki in a non-commercial manner only; spammers will be banned. Do not create empty pages and expect the community to respond. That's lazy.

Oracle also reserves the right to delete any content that is unassociated with Oracle, its products, or standards and technologies supported by Oracle. It's not called "The Oracle Wiki" for nothing!

Make sure your contributions comply with copyright regulations. Don't use copyrighted material. Always give proper attribution when quoting others. Use other people's work only when allowed (e.g. CreativeCommons). Use a neutral tone - do not use the Oracle Wiki as a platform for political or personal views/opinions, personal publishing projects, or shameless self-promotion (get a blog for that). Do not use it to ask technical questions of a general nature (use forums.oracle.com for that). And do not use it to seek or obtain support (visit MetaLink for that).

Create, share, have fun!

Make Appropriate Edits

Be respectful of each contributor's work, both in structure and language. Limit your edits to those that are "tactical" in nature (e.g., to correct a mis-statement of fact) and add whatever comments you please, but don't replace the author's original work wholesale. (Violations of Rules of Conduct excepted.) Report Behavior That Breaches These Rules: We need everyone's help to keep the Oracle Wiki shiny and clean!