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Rules of Conduct

Use Appropriate Language

  • Be respectful of others; do not use language that is obscene, defamatory, invades others' privacy, or promotes bigotry, racism, hatred, or harm against any group or individual.

Create Appropriate Content

  • Use the Stock Investor Pro Wiki in a non-commercial manner only; spammers will be banned.
  • Do not create empty pages and expect the community to respond. That's lazy.
  • AAII also reserves the right to delete any content that is unassociated with AAII, or Stock Investor Pro, or any other AAII products or services.
  • Make sure your contributions comply with copyright regulations. Don't use copyrighted material. Always give proper attribution when quoting others. Use other people's work only when allowed .
  • Use a neutral tone - do not use the Stock Investor Pro Wiki as a platform for political or personal views/opinions, personal publishing projects, or shameless self-promotion (get a blog for that). Do not use it to ask technical questions of a general nature (use forums.oracle.com for that). And do not use it to seek or obtain support (visit MetaLink for that).
  • Create, share, have fun!

Make Appropriate Edits

  • Be respectful of each contributor's work, both in structure and language.
  • Limit your edits to those that are "tactical" in nature (e.g., to correct a mis-statement of fact) and add whatever comments you please, but don't replace the author's original work wholesale. (Violations of Rules of Conduct excepted.)
  • Report Behavior That Breaches These Rules: We need everyone's help to keep the Stock Investor Pro Wiki helpful and civilized!