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Screen Editor

Within Stock Investor, you create new stock screens or edit existing screens using the Screen Editor. To get to the Screen Editor, select Tools from the main menu and then select Screen Editor (Tools – Screen Editor). You can also select the Screen Editor icon from the toolbar or use the Alt and S keys (Alt + S). Following any of these methods will launch the Screen Editor window found in Figure 1. At the top of the Screen Editor window, next to Name: is the pulldown menu where you will find the preinstalled screens (those screens marked with a “*”) as well as those that you have created yourself and saved. Selecting a screen from this menu will load the criteria that make up the screen into the Screen Editor so that you can either modify the criteria or apply the screen. If a screen has already been applied to the active set of companies in Stock Investor, its name will appear in the dialog box and its criteria will be visible in the Screen Editor.