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Stock Notebook

What is the Stock Notebook?

One of the basic tasks that you will want to accomplish with Stock Investor Pro is to access company data and view it on your computer screen. Stock Investor provides an easy way to access and view stock data. It starts with the Stock Notebook, which is the first window that you are presented with when starting the program:


The Stock Investor Notebook is the work area where the user can browse through companies in a list format and choose them individually to receive in-depth information. This is accomplished by the use of data Views and the different financial tabs.

The financial tabs are listed across the top of the Notebook window.

Before clicking on any of the tabs at the top, make sure that the company you want to research is highlighted in yellow. You can do this by single-clicking a company. By clicking on any one of these tabs, you can go directly to that information for the company highlighted in yellow from the list.

Notebook Tabs

Individual company data is organized into tabs on the Stock Notebook. These tabs contain related data for easier navigation.

The Tabs and sub-tabs accessible from the Stock Notebook include:

Stock Notebook "Template"

The Stock Notebook is also used for applying different screens, portfolios and views. In effect, it is a template made up of a portfolio, stock screen, data view, and ranking scheme. In this way you can customize certain functions to streamline your analysis process.

When you first open the program, the default Stock Notebook has not portfolio or screen loaded. However, the default data view is the Standard view and the companies in the Stock Notebook are ranked in alphabetical order (Company Name, Ascending):


However, you can customize a notebook by selecting a portfolio, screen, view, and/or ranking and then save the Notebook for future use.

In this example, we have loaded the *Neff, John screen as well as a custom view (Web-Neff) as well as ranked the Stock Notebook in ascending order by the dividend-adjusted PEG ratio (PE to Div adj EPS Est growth):


If we want, we can save this Notebook so, in the future, we can open it to have the specified screen, view, and ranking applied automatically.

To save a Notebook, click on the File menu and select Save Notebook (File--Save Notebook):


You can then specify the name of the Notebook:


When you are finished, click Ok.

To open a Notebook you have previously saved, again click on the File menu and then select Open Notebook (File--Open Notebook) or press the Control and O keys (Ctrl + O):


Select the Notebook you wish to open and Stock Investor will apply the portfolio, screen, view, and rank associated with that Notebook: