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Wiki FAQs

1. What is the Stock Investor Pro Wiki?

AAII is providing this wiki so that Stock Investor users can collaboratively create and share content that is helpful to the community at large--whether installation guides and tips, screening and analysis techniques, or anything else (appropriate) that captures your imagination.

2. What isn't the Stock Investor Pro Wiki?

The Stock Investor Pro Wiki is not a platform for political views/opinions or shameless self-promotion (get a blog for that). It's not a bulletin board or Q&A forum (see a discussion forum for that). And it's not a place to seek or obtain support (contact AAII Technical Support for that). (See the Rules of Conduct for more details.)

3. Who can contribute?

All current subscribers of Stock Investor Pro can create content here, as long as you comply with the Rules of Conduct.

4. What role do the moderators play?

The mods are here to ensure that everyone abides by the Rules of Conduct, to remove pages that violate them (or are duplicative), and to move pages based on community recommendations.

5. Does AAII endorse or validate any content you see here, or any content it links to?

No. This site is sponsored by AAII but belongs to the community.