AAII Life Membership

AAII Life Membership

If you want life-long access to the AAII Journal and our suite of investor-friendly benefits, you have the option of becoming a Life Member. To recap the benefits of membership, click here.

The purpose of Life Membership is to provide serious investors with a low-cost way to finance their investment education for life.

Further, as a Life Member…You are given the choice of receiving one of the following free gifts for life:

    AAII Life MembershipComputerized Investing, an e-newsletter that contains how-to articles on computerized investing, reviews of investment software, comparisons of investment-related products and summaries of software packages, books and databases.

    AAII Life MembershipQuarterly Mutual Fund Update, a newsletter that provides an overview of the reported quarter to give you a quick synopsis of the market behavior, plus fund performance reports on over 900 no-load and low-load mutual funds.

$390 (Domestic U.S.)
$440 (International)