James B. Cloonan
AAII Founder &
Investment Educator

Thank You

Thanks for your contribution to my research. Here is a sneak peek at my work in progress as well as some insights into why I am publishing one last piece of research before I retire.

My research focuses on three easy to follow aspects of investing that are actually in your control and once you learn how to use them you will be on the path to greatly improve your financial future for the better.

First, the research I am working on explains what types of investment approaches have historically outperformed the market over long-periods of time and then it helps you define which approach is best for you and as importantly what type of returns the approach could garner for you.

Second, my project distills all of the academic research and institutional investment jargon into a new yet super simple approach to understanding and harnessing the power of investment risk so that it works to your advantage.

When I say harnessing investment risk to your advantage, I am talking about the little known fact that most, if not all investors, are far too conservative with the amount of assets they put into the market. Risk is not watching your portfolio dip in a down market, “RISK” is ultimately saving and investing for years, then unfortunately not having the funds you need when you need them!

My historical research demonstrates that in almost all cases individual investors are grossly over exposed to so-called “safe investments.” These investments sap the overall growth of your portfolio and are in effect an insurance policy that most of us will never ever need. 20% is the maximum needed to be in safe investments. I know it sounds controversial but rest assured if you take the time to read the e-mail summaries of my research that I intend to send out, you will quickly understand all of the trade-offs between taking risk and gaining significant investment return. The goal of my project is to help investors quantify investment risk so that you can, perhaps for the first time, grasp how much excess return you can achieve for each dollar you place in the stock market.

My initial study indicates that the average investor is leaving about 4% annualized return on the table, each and every year!

[[copy to consider including]]

With a modest $300,000 retirement portfolio that 4% equates to an extra _______ at retirement.

If you are an older, more established investor with perhaps _____ more years to invest, the principals I’m studying and intend to share with you could grow a $700,000 into __________ after ________ years. If you’ve got a $1,000,000 portfolio, my research will show you how to turn it into _____ after _____ years.

Finally, I intend to cover in detail how we can all overcome the crazy behavioral impulses that make sticking to an investment strategy or plan difficult and I believe that the issues and concerns that you just submitted when looked at across the entire AAII Membership will be of great assistance to this final aspect of my project.

Bottom Line, the research I intend to soon publish contains an investment approach that, if followed diligently, could double or triple the value of a portfolio at retirement for the long-term investor when compared to today's current investment practices.

I am very excited because I believe that my research has the ability to help simplify and demystify the entire process of investing, risk management and ultimately show investors how they can comfortably and securely live off their investment portfolio.

If you want to learn more simply keep your eyes on any e-mail message you receive from ______[[e-mail address]]_____.

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