Judy from Virginia posted over 3 years ago:


Where is table 1?

William from Indiana posted over 3 years ago:

Ditto, table 1 won't pull up.

Stanley from Montana posted over 3 years ago:

Table one did not pull up for me.

Stuart from Missouri posted over 3 years ago:

Please re-insert Table 1 in this report. The argument cannot be followed without it.

Art from California posted over 3 years ago:

As a new subscriber, I hope this article is not an indication of AAII's quality. The first critical comment, no charts, was made a month ago and that problem persists. Further, there are so many variables to each individual's circumstances the limited number of cases do help me.

Curtis from Iowa posted over 3 years ago:


William from New York posted over 2 years ago:

tables have no headings!! Useless

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