AAII local chapters, grassroots organizations led by volunteer AAII members, allow AAII to extend its mission "person to person" to individual investors in their own communities by programming meetings that provide unbiased investment education in a social context...

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Regional Local Chapter Listing

* Red asterisk denotes Investment Education Group (IEG), described at right.

Western States
Albuquerque, NM - SIGs
Boise, ID *
Denver, CO - SIGs
Las Vegas, NV
Los Angeles, CA - SIGs
Orange County, CA - SIGs
Phoenix, AZ - SIGs
Portland, OR - SIGs
Puget Sound, WA - SIGs
Reno, NV *
Sacramento, CA - SIGs
San Diego, CA - SIGs
San Francisco, CA - SIGs
Santa Barbara/ Ventura, CA
Silicon Valley, CA - SIGs
Southeastern States
Atlanta, GA - SIGs
Baltimore, MD
Central Florida - SIGs
Charlotte, NC
Coastal Carolina *
Greensboro, NC - New!
Melbourne, FL *
Research Triangle, NC - SIGs
Southeast Florida
Southwest Florida
Washington D.C. Metro - SIGs
Midwest States
Appleton, WI *
Chicago, IL - SIGs
Cleveland, OH - SIGs
Columbus, OH - SIGs
Eastern Michigan, MI - SIGs
Milwaukee, WI - SIGs
St. Louis, MO - SIGs
Twin Cities, MN - SIGs
Southern States
Austin, TX - SIGs
Baton Rouge, LA - SIGs
Birmingham, AL
Houston, TX - SIGs
San Antonio, TX *
Northeast States
Boston, MA - SIGs
Millburn, NJ *
New York City, NY
Philadelphia, PA - SIGs
Pittsburgh, PA - SIGs
Rochester, NY - SIGs
South-Central New England - SIGs


SIG meetings do NOT require advance registration (some may request an RSVP). Most are free of charge. Contact the group leader if you need additional information to attend.

Some local chapters have developed SIGs or Special Interest Groups in addition to the chapter programs they have throughout the year.

Click on the link under the chapter name to see a list of SIGs available in your area.

*Investment Education Groups (IEG)

Members who reside in areas not serviced by the AAII Local Chapter program can attend meetings for general discussion or to explore a specific investment topic. Meeting notices are sent only by email. To add your email address to your member record please contact the Member Service Department at members@aaii.com or 800-428-2244.

IEG Meetings