The AAII Orange County Chapter presents...

Best Internet Investment Sites 2013

    Discussed by:

    Don Gimpel Ph.D.
    President, AAII Los Angeles Chapter

Don Gimpel will discuss the following topics augmented by using the Internet for the information: answers to significant balance sheet information, how well the U.S. economy is expected to do in the next 18 months and the “experts’” batting average (not too good). Additionally, Gimpel discusses how to get access to the “experts” that really count, market sector over/under valuations, the best momentum strategy and an outlook for the world situation 25 years from now.

Attend This Meeting and Learn...
Significant information about the market and investment opportunities
Where to find key information using the Internet
A potential future world situation that is affecting actions today

Three Proven Market Timing Systems

    Discussed by:
    David McMillin
    Treasurer, Orange County AAII Chapter

Dave will discuss three timing systems that have been backtested over the last 20 calendar years (1993 though 2012). The timing systems are conservative systems because the compounded annualized rate (CAR return) is considerably more than the maximum drawdown (MDD) an investor has to experience. Also, they are usually invested less than 60 days a year. The three systems together have backtested from 7% to 233% per year returns for the last 20 calendar years (no losing years). They have about a 35% CAR, were invested only about 25% of market days and have about a 25% maximum draw down.

Attend This Meeting and Learn...
Three market timing systems backtested over the last 20 years
Conservative investing systems with no losing years
Ways to improve investment returns

Saturday, November 23, 2013
8:30 a.m.    Registration/Social
9:00 a.m.    Program
10:45 a.m.    Q&A
Balearic Community Center
1975 Balearic Dr.
Costa Mesa, CA 92626
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At the Door, Everyone, $5/person
  Special Interest Groups (SIGs)
Income Group
Randy MacLeod,, 714/847-4054 and Bob Welge,, 714/593-2312
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Topic: “Generate Income From Your Portfolio”
Leader: Randy MacLeod
Location: Varies. Use contact information above.

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