The Ins and Outs of Bond Yield

Step 3: How Is Yield to Maturity Calculated?

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Yield to maturity (YTM) calculations are not easily made using paper and pencil, but they can easily be determined using either a financial calculator, or by using the various calculators available on the Internet.

YTM is the measure most widely quoted by brokers when selling individual bonds. However, it is not a prediction of what you will actually earn on a bond. Your actual return is likely to differ from the YTM, perhaps considerably, because the YTM will only be realized under certain conditions, which are:

Classroom Steps

  • That you hold the bond to maturity;
  • That the coupons are reinvested (rather than spent); and that
  • Coupons are reinvested at an interest rate equal to the yield-to-maturity.

Let's look briefly at each assumption:

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