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Welcome to the New CI

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by Wayne A. Thorp

It is with no small measure of pride that I introduce the reborn Computerized Investing. We embark on a new path for this publication, and for AAII as a whole, with an entirely electronic service that embodies all that CI has stood for over the last 30-plus years: to harness the power of technology to help individuals become more effective managers of their investments. While my name stands atop the virtual masthead, the finished product you see wouldn’t have been possible without the efforts of a dedicated group of staffers. First and foremost, I want to thank Peter Nguyen, AAII’s web manager, for shepherding the development of the entirely redesigned Pete and his staff took my ideas and molded them into a site that I hope you will find easy to read and navigate. Special mention also goes out to Andrew Lautner, who was responsible for the new CI logo. Lastly, I want to thank my CI staff, Joe Lan, AAII’s financial analyst, and the CI intern, Jackie McClellan. I have leaned heavily on them these last several months and they were invaluable in getting this redesign and relaunch across the finish line. Beyond those mentioned by name, my heartfelt thanks goes out to the AAII editorial staff and member services department for their assistance. This has truly been an organization-wide endeavor.

That being said, the digital Computerized Investing is much more than just a new website, logo or monthly e-newsletter. We have also expanded our editorial content and added a variety of investor tools. First, Joe Lan kicks off a new segment, Tracking the Tech Sector. In his capacities at CI and AAII, Joe is in tune with the news and ever-changing trends in the technology sector. In this new column, Joe will use this expertise to discuss the special factors investors can use to gauge the technology sector and the individual firms that comprise its diverse business segments. With this first article, Joe outlines his vision for the segment and what readers can expect in articles to come.

The new CI Market Dashboard tracks nine different market, sentiment and fundamental indicators that, when viewed in their entirety, can offer insight into the overall direction of the market. We’ll be updating these indicators each weekend and offering commentary on their trends as well as trends in the overall market.

Also, we’ve introduced a number of interactive analysis worksheets: DuPont Analysis ROE, Buffettology Stock Valuation and Simple Stock Valuation. You can use these templates to enter company-specific data from a number of free sources to evaluate the financial strength of a company and help gauge its “true worth” relative to its current share price.

The new CI Blog gives us a venue to present the latest news regarding investment software, websites and apps on a more timely basis. It also allows the CI staff to comment on current happenings in the investment and technology worlds and offer our own unique views and perspectives. Be sure to check out the links to the latest “Must Read” blog posts farther down this email.

Beyond these new tools and segments, we will continue to offer much of the quality editorial content you’ve come to expect from Computerized Investing. This month, Joe Lan walks you through his top picks for online tax preparation services. My Technically Speaking article covers the stochastic oscillator, which traders use to spot possible reversals in the trend of a security or index. Extreme outdoorsmen will appreciate the ruggedness and solar charging capabilities of the Snow Lizard SLXtreme case for the iPhone 5/5S in this month’s Gadget Corner. Finally, Shares 2 for iOS is a premium app that lets users track the daily and overall performance of their portfolio in an extremely clean and easy-to-use format.

Now it’s time for you to start exploring the new Computerized Investing!

Kind regards,
Wayne A. Thorp, CFA
Editor, Computerized Investing
Vice President, Senior Financial Analyst, AAII


George Beck from NC posted over 4 years ago:

beautiful website design, clean looking. kudos to you..

Wendell Reid from FL posted over 4 years ago:

Great! I like the new presentation of content; look forward to what is in store for the future. The site in general seems like a more satisifying experience, and there seems to be more interesting things to read than before.

Rao from NY posted over 4 years ago:

Thank you thank you thank you!!

Life member here. Love this new look and will be coming back many times to explore the market dashboard.

Robert Parker from Texas posted over 4 years ago:

It would make logical sense that a publication called "Computerized" Investing could only exist online. Paper is dying, might as well embrace the future.

Harry Ward from OH posted over 4 years ago:

On your Articles, Spreadsheets, Reviews, etc. when one clicks "Read More", there is a lot of wasted space to the right of the text. This requires a lot of extra scrolling, and makes these articles much slower to read than in the print version.

Wayne Thorp from IL posted over 4 years ago:

@Harry, this white space on the right is due to the right-hand column of archive categories or the CI "tools". This column does not extend down the entire length of the page so once the text runs past that, it looks to be "wasted" space.

Joseph Stoutenburgh from MN posted over 4 years ago:

I spend 9-10 hours every work day behind computer keyboards and screens. And, I really don't want to spend $160/month for a broadband phone, especially since "social media" is such a sink hole - 99% noise, 1% useful.

It's nice to just sit down with some hard copy and a highlighter for my personal reading. I will miss the old CI.

Wayne Thorp from IL posted over 4 years ago:

@Joseph Stoutenburgh,

I would like to think that what we are publishing isn't noise, but rather useful, original content helping individual investors become more effective managers of their investments. In addition, you don't need a mobile phone to view the content. Any computer or device with Internet access is all you need. Furthermore, since you can create PDF versions of all CI content, you can print those articles that interest you the most.

Ernest Morrison from NC posted over 4 years ago:

I prefer to look at the positives...what we lose in one medium we are gaining in another. There are things reading on digital mediums can accomplish that aren't possible on a paper. If you aren't comfortable with technology then why read about it. I read this on a phone by the way and was happy with skimming through the articles.

Mark Booker from KY posted over 4 years ago:

Nice new layout, but I want to be able to print the entire CI issue in pdf. Could you PLEASE either put it in a web-format to do that, or offer a link to do that. I too want to print the entire issue for carrying with me to read on the morning bus ride commute or when traveling at airports. I don't have an IPhone with service to connect to the Internet. A simple pdf format is all I need. I'll take care of printing it.

Wayne Thorp from IL posted over 4 years ago:

@Mark Booker, moving to a digital-only format also allows us to bypass the design and layout process that took a lot of time and resources. We are not going to be offering a downloadable PDF version of the e-newsletter but, again, you can print and save individual articles as PDFs.

G Robertson from VA posted over 4 years ago:

My reading habits have definitely changed over the years so I don't mind this change.

Great job on the site, I think the tech column is a great idea.

Chuck Lake from OH posted over 4 years ago:

Kudos to the entire CI Team.

The Dashboard caught my attention immediately.

The "CI Team" needs a well deserved vacation.

Keep up the excellent work.

Denise Baugh from MD posted over 4 years ago:

Very fancy looking! If this new format gives us more to read more frequently I am all for it!

Harvey Fogel from MI posted over 4 years ago:

I can easily create copies of articles from and other websites to read offline with my android tablet by sharing to the "pocket" app. But that does not work with the new Computerized Investing website. And, I don't see a way to save to PDF as you suggest on a tablet. I don't want to have to PDF articles on my desktop then sideload them onto my tablet for offline reading. Can you make reading specific articles offline work with "pocket" and similar apps please?

Wayne Thorp from IL posted over 4 years ago:

@Harvey Fogel,

Thank you for the Pocket suggestion. I use it all the time and hadn't thought about adding the option to the new CI site. We are in the process of adding that now.

Nancy Stubbs from California posted over 4 years ago:

For Mark Booker, who wanted to print the entire CI issue in pdf. If you go to, at the bottom of the issue there is an option to save/print in pdf which seemed to give the whole issue when I tried it. It took a couple of e-mails from tech support for me to find this, though !!!

Martin Murphy from MA posted over 4 years ago:

The site looks great. I too use the pocket app, I am happy to see you are in the process of adding that to site. Keep up the good work.!

Shelly Mihalic from PA posted over 4 years ago:

Is there a PDF I can download of the entire publication? I like to have reading material on my ipad for when I don't have internet access like when I fly. I also like to download to my ipad at home over wifi so I use minimal cellular and then read it when traveling, over lunch, etc.

Scott from MI posted over 4 years ago:

The market dashboard is huge. It is a great resource. Thank you for the work it takes to include this. The new digital format of CI is outstanding.

Paul Plumb from TX posted over 4 years ago:

This, is now the best looking site AAII has produced. The homepage is so simple yet elegant and easy to go through. I hope this is the sign of more things to come from AAII.

Wayne Thorp from IL posted over 4 years ago:

@Shelly Mihalic,

We have added Pocket functionality to all CI articles, so you can save articles for viewing on the Pocket app on your iPad or other mobile devices. In addition, using the CleanPrint module you can now create and save PDF versions of all CI articles.

James Kloss from CT posted over 4 years ago:

I hope you'll keep the RSS feed updated. I consolidate almost all of my online research/reading via an RSS reader. So chalk up at least one vote for updating the RSS feeds on a per article basis. Thanks.

The last entry in is: "The Fourth Quarter 2013 issue of Computerized Investing is now available on-line.
Saturday, November 02, 2013 11:00 AM"

Wayne Thorp from IL posted over 4 years ago:

@James Kloss,

We have forwarded your request to our Web Department. Thanks!


David Anderson from WI posted over 4 years ago:

Love the Online version - fits my needs well. Thank you for all the work to make it happen and maintain going forward.

James Mc Entyre from FL posted over 4 years ago:

I have read every issue of Computerized Investing since January 1996 and it appears that the issue of First Quarter 2014 will be my last.
There is far too much material in the first electronic issue. I believe there is more in this first monthly electronic issue than in previous print quarterly editions. There is a lot of volume but of questionable quality.
I want to stay knowledgeable on computerized investing but I will not spend the time each month to wade through all that stuff you put in this first electronic issue.
You should put your efforts into producing two quality articles each month.
I am a life member and have already paid for CI for the rest of my life. I feel cheated!!!
James McEntyre

Wayne Thorp from IL posted over 4 years ago:

@James McEntyre,

You are mistaken about the quantity of content in the March e-newsletter. It was roughly one quarter of the content we were sending out in the printed quarterly newsletter. We added some new features such as the Market Dashboard and Analysis Templates, but the editorial content was scaled back since we are now "publishing" on a monthly basis.

As a life member, CI was a free bonus, to which you will continue to have access.

Richard Wehby from MA posted over 4 years ago:

I prefer to read on paper: easier to highlight, make marginal notes, and to thus understand in-depth. Can you offer a full PDF version of the new CI? I envision one button that I click and can download the entire monthly content, like I do with SSR and DI, and then print and read. This would be very useful for my needs.

Wayne Thorp from IL posted over 4 years ago:

@Richard Wehby,

Moving to the digital-only format also allowed to bypass the editorial design and layout process that took a lot of time and resources. We are not going to be offering a downloadable PDF version of the e-newsletter but you can print and save individual articles as PDFs.

Richard Wehby from MA posted over 4 years ago:

I understand you don't want to spend time and dollars on formatting and layout of a magazine, but it scarcely takes staff time to **bundle** all the articles into one monthly packet, and make this available for downloading, at the click of a button. Please reconsider your decision to NOT offer a PDF monthly bundle. It would take so little to make me, and others like me, that is, PAID LIFETIME SUBSCRIBERS , happy.

P Snead from SC posted over 4 years ago:

Thanks for a very credible job using AAII's web presence to strengthen and streamline member services. I "get it" about members going through internet burnout - it's a constant contest whether I control my use of the web, or it controls me! But there it is, and it's not going away anytime soon ... like the phone, no longer an optional feature of daily existence for anyone who chooses to deal with the world that actually exists - as opposed to the utopia each of us might wish it were!

The "new CI" is a positive example of exploiting the various advantages offered by the medium. Most important, it has a "human face" - how would you like it to be about computerized trading, rather than computerized investing?!

Judson Price from CA posted over 4 years ago:

A Life Member just wants to say: Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!

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