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New Beginnings

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by Wayne A. Thorp

This month marks several changes here at Computerized Investing. We begin by saying goodbye to Joe Lan, who has been accepted to the University of Michigan’s Ross School of Business, where he will start his pursuit of an MBA degree this fall. For nearly the last four years, Joe has been a tremendous asset to Computerized Investing and to AAII. I wish him all the best in his studies and future endeavors.

As Joe starts down a new career path, I am excited to welcome Hareesh Jayanthi to the CI team. Hareesh has a master’s degree in finance and a bachelor’s degree in economics and has experience in the mutual fund and fixed-income arenas. Besides being a contributor to Computerized Investing, Hareesh will be part of the Dividend Investing and Stock Superstars Report advisory committees and will assist in supporting Stock Investor Pro, our fundamental stock screening and research database program, and other AAII publications and products.

Best of the Web

Another change is that after 17 years of tracking the top websites for investing, the AAII Journal has passed the torch on to Computerized Investing. Our new “Best of the Web” segment will highlight the top websites in a variety of investment analysis, research and tracking categories. This move is a natural fit for CI and for our mission to harness the power of technology to help individuals become more effective managers of their investments. While the World Wide Web has become an invaluable tool for investors, it is becoming increasingly more difficult to discern the good sites from the bad. The sites you will find highlighted this month and in the months ahead are those that we at Computerized Investing use almost on a daily basis as we research articles and analyze investments for AAII portfolios as well as our portfolios. This month, we focus on stock research, data and events, covering our favorite websites in the categories of fundamental stock data, conference calls & corporate events and technical analysis & charting. While these are the sites we deem to be on the top of the heap, any “best of” list is somewhat subjective. We are interested in hearing your feedback about the sites you use for these different categories.

52-Week Low Formula

Before Joe heads off to Michigan, I could not let him leave without penning one final feature article. This month, Joe explores Luke Wiley’s “52-Week Low Formula,” a contrarian stock selection methodology that looks for stocks with a durable competitive advantage, a reasonable purchase value relative to free cash flow, an adequate return on invested capital, the ability to pay off long-term debt quickly with free cash flow, and that are trading close to their 52-week low price. Beyond explaining Wiley’s “formula,” Joe also walks you through creating the screen using one of the top online screening services.


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