The Top 8 Sites for Company, Industry & Sector and Economic News and Analysis

CI editors list and review the best investment and financial websites.

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Industry & Sector News

Sector analysis is popular with investors who are practicing a sector rotation strategy or those who are using a top-down approach to selecting stocks to invest in. In the top-down approach to investing, the most promising sectors are identified first, then the investor reviews the companies within that sector to determine which individual stocks will ultimately be purchased.

Furthermore, investing does not take place in a vacuum. While the underlying fundamentals of a company do have an impact on its share price, there are broader “macro” factors that also come into play. Studies show that the performance of a company is partly a function of the sector and industry in which it operates. Regardless of the quality of the stock, it is highly unlikely to outperform if its industry is performing poorly. Therefore, staying on top of trends in a company’s sector or industry, as well as what is going on with a company’s key competitors, is an important part of stock analysis.

Here you will find CI’s top picks for sector and industry news and analysis websites. These sites offer news and insights on trends developing in a given sector or industry, as well as aggregate news items for the stocks that make up a particular sector or industry.