Stock Screening and Backtesting With SynVero

June 18, 2016

SynVero is a new cloud-based on-demand tool for stock screening. Features include a stock screener, backtesting and a trade simulator. A basic subscription is $9.89 per month and the Pro version is $19.89 per month. A free 30-day trial is available. In this article, SynVero’s founder describes how the features work.

Stock Screener

Stock screening assists investors in identifying potential investment opportunities based on a set of quantitative filters. Typically, a stock screener will start with a broad listing of securities and the investor either selects predefined stock screening parameters or provides custom criteria that describes the desired security or scenario. The criteria are then applied against the available securities, and only securities that meet the set of filters are displayed.

The criteria utilized varies according to an investor’s preferences and the capabilities of the screening application itself. Investors often use stock screening to search for stocks based on desired fundamental and/or technical values.

SynVero’s stock market screener enables users to search for desired securities using detailed and customized criteria. Its filtering technology is built around the concept that screening can be broken down into smaller interrelating pieces of logic called criteria. Some criterion examples include a moving average crossing above or below another moving average or a price-earnings ratio within a range of values. These criteria are building blocks for constructing filters that range from basic to extremely robust. Each one autonomously applies its logic to the broader results, yet it can be connected to other individual criterions containing their own separate logic to contribute.

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