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AAII's Computerized Investing subscription allows you to turn your computer into a powerful and more rewarding investing tool. The subscription includes an e-newsletter and a special "subscribers-only area" on, all of which will help you make the most out of today's investment software, online services, and financial websites...Plus your investing skills will benefit from our regular "how-to" articles that cover stock screening, charting, day trading, the strategies of master stockpickers and more:

  • Articles on using computers to assist in investment analysis and valuation, complete with programs
  • Reviews of investment software and information services
  • Editors' recomendations on the best computer investment products
  • Breaking news about software packages, books, databases and investing Internet sites
  • Information on AAII's website
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Also included with subscriptions to Computerized Investing is access to the On-Line Guide to Computerized Investing. This online investment software guide helps you focus on the top investment-related products. Each section is devoted to one area of investing including portfolio management, fundamental stock analysis, technical analysis, mutual fund analysis, and online services including websites. Reviews, links, and screen shots help you decide which programs best suit your needs.

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Stock Investor Pro

Stock Investor Professional

With our Stock Investor Pro, timely data is combined with in-depth data (over 2,000 data fields per company) to help you keep abreast of the market. The monthly updates and weekly online downloads keep you well prepared to act—act in time to make that critical difference between matching or beating the market averages.

Data with Stock Investor Pro includes:

  • Passing companies and corresponding data from over 50+ AAII Stock Screens
  • Database of over 7,000 NYSE, Amex, NASDAQ, and OTC stocks
  • Quarterly earnings estimates
  • Eight quarters and seven years of cash flow statements, income statements and balance sheets
  • Relative price strength for 4, 13, 26 and 52 weeks
  • Percentile rankings, ratios, P/Es and growth rates
  • Ten full years of monthly price data
  • Over 2,000 data fields per company
  • Click here for the complete list of data fields in Stock Investor Pro

Stock Investor Pro also offers new information every month like: Recent insider buy and sell decisions and operating & investing cash flows. Plus, from the income statement: research & development expenses and discontinued operations and extraordinary items.

For the sophisticated investor, Stock Investor Pro offers in-depth data, and timely data, to guide your investment decisions.