2021 Conference Speakers

The AAII Investor Conference brings together some of the best and brightest in the investing world. As we build out our 2021 roster you can lock in special Early Bird pricing of only $599 $349 per attendee. Act now—this special offer won’t last forever!

This page represents Investor Conference speakers previously booked for 2020. A new roster of speakers will be announced for 2021. Stay tuned for more information about the 2021 program.

Timely Must See Presentations:

“Factor Investing 101”

Jack Vogel
CIO, Alpha Architect
  “Bond Investing in a Low Interest-Rate Environment”

Brain Haughey
Director of the Investment Center, Marist College
“20 Things You Should Know About Small Cap Value”

Paul Merriman
President, The Merriman Financial Education Foundation
“The Future of Consumption: Emerging Markets & China Leading a Digital Revolution”

Kevin Carter
Founder & CIO, EMQQ
“Market Cycles, Seasonality & Tactical Seasonal Trading Strategies”

Jeffrey Hirsch
Chief Market Strategist, Probabilities Fund Management
“Five Steps for Making Better Investment Decisions”

Paul Ferwerda
Portfolio Manager, Wilbanks Smith & Thomas
“The Psychology of Retirement Account Decumulation in a Lower for Longer Environment”

Robert Hagstrom
Chief Investment Officer, Equity Compass Investment Management

Plus, Experts and Educators ...

Speaking on: Stocks

Charles Rotblut, CFA
Vice President, AAII;
Editor, AAII Journal

  Speaking on: Retirement

Christine Benz
Director of Personal Finance, Morningstar, Inc.
Speaking on: Stocks

Wayne Thorp, CFA
Senior Financial Analyst, AAII

  Speaking on: Closed-End Funds/ETFs

Mariana Bush
Research Director – CEFs & ETPs/Passive Products; Global Manager Research, Wells Fargo Investment Institute
Speaking on: Dividends

Derek Hageman
Financial Analyst, AAII;
Editor, Dividend Investing
  Speaking on: ETFs/Mutual Funds

Doug Fabian
Executive Vice President, Mercer Advisors
Speaking on: Dividends

Sam Stovall
Chief Investment Strategist, CFRA Research
  Speaking on: Investing Strategies

Chuck Jaffe
Radio/Podcast Host, “MoneyLife”
Speaking on: Estate Planning & Secure Act

John Horn
Co-Founder, Shareholder, Attorney, Horn & Johnsen SC

  Speaking on: ETFs/Asset Allocation

Chris Pedersen
Financial Analyst & Writer, The Merriman Financial Education Foundation
Dera Johnsen-Tracy
Co-Founder, Shareholder, Attorney, Horn & Johnsen SC