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Personal Portfolio Manager
PPM helps you manage investments by maintaining separate accounting for up to 999 different portfolios. You can set up portfolios for retirement planning, college funds, brokerage accounts, what-if analysis and much more. The report generator lets you customize each report to include any combination of portfolios over any range of dates.

PPM also automatically computes both the dollar value and annualized yield of unrealized capital gains. And PPM tracks and charts the net worth of your portfolios. PPM helps you analyze investments and potential investments with powerful technical analysis charts. Charts include: price/volume, moving averages, trend analysis, relative strength, on-balance volume, Wilder's RSI, stochastics, correlation analysis and asset allocation.

Version 7 includes built-in capabilities for downloading current and historic stock quotes from free Internet data services.

For more information visit the OWL Software Web site.

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Publisher: OWL Software
Date: 12/19/06
File Size: 1.25M
Version: 7.0.7
Terms: Free trial; $69 to purchase
System Requirements: PC
Special Requirements: Windows 95 or higher; Internet connection recommended
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