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Amateur Invest is a personal financial management software available in the Download Library at Users are able to keep track of each of their bank accounts separately and update deposits and withdrawals to track their cash flow. The stock and portfolio section allows users to track investments, and investment values are updated via the Internet. Furthermore, there is a reports and graphs section that breaks down your personal finances so that you can see trends in your income and spending. The last section, alarms and watches, enables users to compare stock prices and portfolio performance. In addition, triggers can be set for stocks at various price levels.

In November of 2010, Amateur Invest was updated to the current version. Two levels of services are still offered. The free version has limited technical analysis and investment wizard capabilities. It restricts the number of portfolios, and users cannot download currency exchange rates. The registered version, which offers more capabilities, is $49.99.

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Publisher: Simply Data
Date: 05/06/11
File Size: 2.59MB
Version: 2010.A
Terms: Free to try; $49.99 to register
System Requirements: 128MB RAM, 20MB free disk space, Windows operating system
Special Requirements: Windows 95 or higher; Vista compatible; 128 Mb Ram; 20 Mb free HD space
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