We hope this library will provide useful resources for you as you try to learn about the world of investments. Included in this area are many downloadable files for both PCs and Macs in Excel, Word and other formats. Many of these files have been created by AAII's expert staff to help you better understand or apply the knowledge gained from our articles and other parts of this site. Other files have come from you, our members. See below for hints for downloading software.

How to Download Files

For the most part, you simply download files in the AAII Download Library by clicking on the hyperlinks (the underlined text). In both Netscape and Microsoft Internet Explorer, a dialog box prompts you to select a directory on your system in which to save the download file. (However, if you have certain plug-ins installed some files may open automatically in your browser window.)

To save files to your hard drive, please complete the following instructions for your operating system and browser type:

    Netscape: Left click on link.
    Internet Explorer & AOL: Left click on link.

    Netscape: Click and hold down the mouse button on the link and select "save this link as." When saving, do not change the file name, however be sure that "source" is selected as the format.
    Internet Explorer & AOL: Click and hold down the mouse button on the link and select "download link to disk."
Note to Mac Users:
In order to retrieve the Mac files, we recommend using the latest version of Netscape. A copy of this browser can be downloaded at http://www.netscape.com (under "Tools" in the left navigation column). To properly retrieve and use the Mac files, you need a copy of "StuffIt Expander." This application is provided along with Netscape Navigator or can be downloaded at www.stuffit.com We have appreciated your comments and patience while we were working to bring you these files. If you have any comments, please e-mail them to downloads@aaii.com

How to Submit Files

Uploading is a two-part process to submit a file to the AAII Download Library.

  1. E-mail us the file or E-mail us a Web link where we can download the file. E-mail: The AAII Download Library

  2. Tell us about the file(s) by downloading the information sheet, filling it out, and E-mailing it back to us.

Important: If no information form is provided, or if it is not complete, we may not release your file(s) in our Download Library. Note that it may take some time for AAII to check and release any file(s) you submit.