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Explore our 20 Member Benefits

Join AAII and you will receive the following member benefits:

The AAII Journal
Free to Members

Published 12 times a year, the AAII Journal provides you with a continuing stream of insight and ideas that focus on how you can improve your investment results.

Unlike most magazines, the AAII Journal is unbiased, educational and contains no advertising.

2 Website
Free to Members

Join AAII and receive unlimited, 24/7 access to our comprehensive website. Beyond news, quotes and company snapshots, you'll profit from proprietary tools, services and discussion boards that you can't find anywhere else. Access continually updated AAII stock ideas, model portfolios, investment mini-courses, free investor-related software and extensive investment research. Forbes says, "Best articles ... best stock screens."

AAII Model Portfolios
Free to Members

With a long history of beating the market, our portfolios give you proven, practical, real-world investment guidance and instruction. Each quarter we update you on the holdings, performance and investment strategy behind each recommended move.

The Individual Investor's Guide to the Top Mutual Funds
Free to Members

This indispensable mutual fund research tool is mailed to you early each year. It's packed with in-depth data and guidance on selecting the best of over 700 promising funds.

Lists of Winning Stocks
Free to Members

Members love the Stock Ideas service on the website. This exclusive and exciting simulation lets you tap into the investment philosophies of investment professionals and see the resulting stock picks. Choose one of our 60 screening approaches to build a winning portfolio, or use our lists of "passing companies" as a starting point for doing your own further research. Over the last 10 years, 94% of our stock ideas outpaced the overall market.

AAII Tax Strategy Guide
Free to Members

This simple tool helps you keep up with ever-changing tax laws and reduce your tax burden. Each annual edition includes last-minute reminders for the current tax year and a strategy guide for the coming tax year.

Investment Seminars
At a Reduced Cost

We regularly host an AAII Investor Conference at different locations around the country. Members are invited to attend at a very special low rate.

Investment Study Programs
Discounted & Free

You have access to a wide variety of educational programs, especially for our members only. Our deeply discounted home study materials allow you to sharpen your investing skills at your own pace from the comfort of your easy chair. Or, you can simply log in to the members-only areas of and tap into our FREE online investor guides and classrooms.

A Lifetime Strategy
Free to Members

Authored by the founder of AAII, this valuable publication shows you how you can outperform professional money managers and the market over the long run.

Thousands of AAII members have praised this guidebook — many telling us it has "changed their entire investment outlook for the better!" It's not available in bookstores, but can be yours FREE OF CHARGE if you join AAII for a 4-year term or as a Lifetime member.

Investor Update E-Newsletter
Free to Members

Every week AAII members receive our email newsletter. This concise, information-packed bulletin keeps you up to date on new developments in the investing world and alerts you to vital market events.

Local Chapter Membership
Free to Members

You get free enrollment to your choice of over 50 local AAII chapters plus numerous special interest groups around the country.

AAII Stock Investor Pro
At a Reduced Cost

This software program gives you mind-boggling search and screening power to find the best stocks that meet your goals and risk tolerance. Not only can you screen stocks that meet virtually any combination of up to 2,000 criteria, but built-in filters enable you to model the criteria used by the most successful investors of all time (Lynch, Graham, Buffett, O'Neil and more), and see the stocks they would select. Steeply discounted for AAII members.

Guide to ETFs
Free to Members

AAII's comprehensive Guide to Exchange-Traded Funds enables you to quickly and concisely evaluate any of the 1,000+ ETFs that are currently available. It's a must-have tool for anyone interested in ETFs.

Discount Broker Guide
Free to Members

Periodically, we evaluate the major discount brokers and share our findings with members. This analysis can help you choose the best discount broker for your particular needs.

AAII Banking & Deposit Programs

Your New Member package will explain how to take advantage of discounted rates and other benefits.

Publication Discounts
Free to Members

Lower the cost of your investment research and education by taking advantage of our member discount rates on investment software and publications like The Wall Street Journal, Barron's and many others.

Asset Allocation Guidance
Free to Members

For those interested in determining the optimal investment allocation for their portfolio, this area of the website shows the performance of many popular investment benchmarks along with AAII's asset allocation models for the typical aggressive, moderate and conservative investor.

Unbiased Research
Our Hidden Benefit

The value of the AAII Journal and all of our member benefits are enhanced by the internal research of our knowledgeable staff. We constantly review academic research to find insights that you can use to improve investment performance.

Our Member Dues Are Only $29

One single insight gained from any of our AAII benefits will repay the membership cost many times over. In fact, the discounts and other special benefits alone far exceed the dues. Plus with our 100% Satisfaction, Money-Back Guarantee you risk nothing. All first-year memberships are backed by our full, no-questions-asked, money-back guarantee.