QMFU Commentaries

Technology Sector Funds Outperform for the Quarter
October 2016

Precious Metals Up 101.8% Year-to-Date
July 2016

Precious Metals Regain Their Luster
April 2016

Large-Cap Funds Stand Out in Frustrating Year for Investors
January 2016

Bonds Outperform Stocks
October 2015

Rising Yields Help Cause Mediocre Returns
July 2015

Health Care Dominates, as Does the Strong Dollar
April 2015

A Reversal of Fortunes
January 2015

Three Big Changes
October 2014

Falling Yields Help Bonds & Emerging Markets
July 2014

What Was Down Is Now Up
April 2014

A Good Year to Take Risks in Stock Funds
January 2014

Third Quarter Similar to the First
October 2013

Bond Funds Fall on Fed Uncertainty
July 2013

The First Quarter’s Bull Run
April 2013

A Modest End to a Good Year
January 2013

A Good Quarter for Fund Investors
October 2012

Reversal of Fortune in Second Quarter
July 2012

Rally Propels Tech and Financial Funds
April 2012

Bond Funds Gain; Stock Funds Falter
January 2012

Negative Returns for Most Stock Funds
October 2011

Muni Bond and Health Funds on Top
July 2011

Funds Rise as Global Events Unfold
April 2011

Rally Helps Investors, Eludes Managers
January 2011

Returns and Correlations Rise
October 2010

Preservation of Capital Reigns
July 2010

Lower Risk Aversion Helps Funds
April 2010

Good Performance; Underlying Themes
January 2010

Funds Continue to Rally
October 2009

Second-Quarter Rebound
July 2009

Bond Funds Up, Stock Funds Shaky
April 2009

No Fond Farewell of 2008 for Funds
January 2009

Look Beyond the Third Quarter
October 2008

Mixed Results in Second Quarter
July 2008

Funds End 2007 With Weak Quarter
January 2008

A Third Quarter Comeback
October 2007

Stock Funds Shine in Second Quarter
July 2007

Funds End First Quarter on Up Note
April 2007

2006: A Good Vintage for Stock Funds
January 2007

Third Quarter Favors Many Funds
October 2006

Stock Funds Hit in 2nd Quarter
July 2006

Stock Funds Gain in First Quarter
April 2006

The Stars of 2005: Foreign Funds
January 2006

An Up Quarter for Stock Funds
October 2005

Second Quarter Gets Even
July 2005

Few Funds Make Cut in Quarter
April 2005

Small, Long, & Foreign Big in 2004
January 2005

Oil Slick in the Third Quarter
October 2004

Reversal of Fortune
July 2004

Setting a Lineup for 2004
April 2004

Finally, a Year in the Black
January 2004