Backing Up and Restoring Custom User Files

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One of the most useful functions of Stock Investor Pro is its ability to create custom user files. Users who work on multiple computers in different locations need to be able to access their custom files in more than one place. This issue of Stock Investor News discusses how to quickly and easily transfer your custom files using Stock Investor Pro Utilities.

Stock Investor Pro

Custom User Files

Custom user files include screens, portfolios, views and custom fields that users create and save in the program for use at any time. For a refresher on how to create custom user files, please click the following links:

Custom Fields

After creating a custom user file, there is no need to create it again when using Stock Investor Pro on a different system. Custom user files can be saved in a folder on your computer or removable disk drive (such as a flash drive) and transferred to another system. It is also a good idea to periodically back up, or save, your custom user files into a folder so that if the program becomes corrupt or unstable, you can remove the program and reinstall it without losing your saved user files.

Backing Up User Files

To back up your user files, the first step is to create a new folder on your computer or removable disk drive. The folder can be named anything. In our example, I have named the folder SIP User Files. After you have done this, open up Stock Investor Pro Utilities by double clicking on the icon on your desktop or by selecting it from the Start menu. Make sure the main Stock Investor Pro program is closed. A new Stock Investor Utilities window will appear. Select Back Up User Files from this window and click on Back Up at the bottom. A new window will appear prompting you to select a backup directory. Click on the icon with the three dots on the right side of this window to browse to and select the directory (folder) that you created for the backup files. Finally, click OK to back up your user files. You will be prompted when the backup is successfully completed.

Restoring User Files

To restore your user files onto your computer or to import them on a different computer, first make sure Stock Investor Pro Utilities is loaded on the system. After opening the utilities program, highlight Restore User Files and then click on Restore at the bottom of the window. Just as with backing up user files, the next window asks you to select the folder the user files are located in. If restoring files onto the same system, navigate to the folder you created.

If importing onto a new system, navigate to the folder on your removable disk drive. After you click on Select, Stock Investor Pro Utilities will notify you that a full set of user files were found and ask you to confirm whether you want to restore these files. If no user files were found, make sure to confirm that you backed up the files and selected the correct folder.


It is important to keep in mind that if you restore a set of user files, it will write over any custom user files that you already had on your current version of Stock Investor Pro. You cannot add additional custom user files onto a system.