Printing Comprehensive Company Data Using Reports

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Stock Investor Pro offers a wide range of options to view individual stock data as well as data on a group of stocks—such as the entire universe, the stocks in a portfolio or the results of a stock screen. However, there are times when you want to print this data, so the program offers a plethora of reports, both predefined and customizable, that allows users to cull the financial data that interests them and have it presented in an easy-to-read format. In this issue of Stock Investor News, we take an in-depth look at the company summary report and comprehensive company summary report.

Stock Investor Pro

Available Reports

When you choose Print from the File menu (or click on the printer icon at the top of the program window), the Available Reports window appears with a list of reports: company summary, comprehensive company, view, statistical summary and industry (and sector) median. Statistical summary and industry reports were discussed in the March 2012 SI News, while view reports were the subject of the October 2011 SI News. The past articles can be found at

Company Summary Report

Undoubtedly, there will be times when you wish to print a simple data synopsis of a company (or group of companies). The company summary report provides a one-page overview of a company and features many of the most frequently used data points that individual investors look at when researching an investment. The one-page summary includes a company description, price performance data, historical growth rates, and earnings surprise and estimate data (when available). It also offers a table of quarterly earnings per share and sales data for same-quarter comparisons; multiples and ratios for the most recent 12-month period (last four quarters) and for each of the last three or five years; and selected income statement, cash flow statement and balance sheet items for the most recent 12-month period and for each of the last three or five years. If you have chosen a selected company summary, the report has a monthly high/low price chart, as shown in the partial company summary report.

Comprehensive Company Report

The comprehensive company report is a customizable report that allows the user to decide the type of data presented in the report. The Comprehensive Company Report menu allows you to pick any or all of the data categories in Stock Investor Pro for inclusion in the report. These categories include (company) overview, multiples, growth rates, ratios, valuations, earnings estimates and custom fields. For quarterly and annual financials, you have the option of displaying total or percent change data and for annual financials you have the additional options of per share or common size (percentage) data.

Let’s say, for example, that you wish to create a report with company overview information along with multiples, growth rates, earnings estimates and same-quarter percent change financial data. You click in the white check boxes next to the desired elements, making sure a check mark appears in the box, and then click Ok to produce the sample comprehensive company report.

Multiple Company Reports

You can print summary and comprehensive reports for multiple companies with a single command. By selecting the All Companies in Active Notebook option for either the company summary or comprehensive company report, the program will print the respective report for those companies that are in the active notebook. This can be all of the companies in the database, which would take a considerable amount of time and paper to generate,  the companies in a loaded portfolio or those companies passing an applied stock screen.

If you choose the report labeled “selected company,” the company name is indicated at the top of the Available Reports window and corresponds to the highlighted company in the View tab of the Stock Notebook.

Note that if you are printing company summaries for the companies in the active notebook, you will see a table of annual high, low and closing prices as well as volume instead of a price chart. Price charts are only displayed on company summary reports printed using the “selected company” option.