Program Downloads Now On-Line for SI Pro Users

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In April of this year, we added a new data download file to the download section of’s Stock Investor area (data downloads are for Stock Investor Pro subscribers only). This new file—Program/Data Install—is a self-contained program and data file. Whereas, in the past, you needed to install Stock Investor Pro from a CD before making use of the partial or full weekly data updates, this new Program/Data update allows you to both install the program and get the latest data on-line, without the use of a CD. This file is intended for those who do not currently have Stock Investor Pro installed on their computers.

You can install the Program/Data Install file over an existing installation of Stock Investor Pro and, if the file’s data is more recent, it will update the database (otherwise, it will prompt you to either retain the newer data or overwrite it with the older data). However, if you have user files, such as custom screens or fields or portfolios, you will want to be sure you retain these user files (as prompted during setup). Otherwise, the installation will delete them. After initial program installation, use the full or partial weekly updates whenever you wish to update the database to avoid the chance of losing user files.

To find the Program/Data Install download, go to the Stock Investor Pro area of and click on Data Updates from the Important Links box. We strongly recommend that you first save the file to your computer—preferably to your desktop for easy access.

Stock Investor Pro

If you already have the program installed and merely wish to update the data, you can download the full or partial weekly updates that are still available.

New Download Servers for Weekly & Month-End Data Updates

Figure 1:
Two servers are now available to speed download time. Choose the secondary server button if you experience problems with the default primary server.

Regular users of the weekly and month-end data downloads may have noticed recently that there are now two download servers available at the download area of the Stock Investor section—Primary and Secondary (Figure 1). In an attempt to improve download speeds for subscribers, we recently added a second download server for the data downloads.

The download process itself has not changed, but now you can specify whether you wish to download from the primary or secondary server (clicking on the file name button will default to the primary server).

Most users will notice significant download speed improvements when downloading from the primary server. However, if you are having problems downloading from the primary server, you now have the secondary server as another option.