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An Overview of Stock Investor Pro

January 2014
This month’s video is Wayne Thorp’s presentation from the 2013 AAII Investor Conference. Read more »

Creating Basic Custom Screens

October 2013
Stock screening is the process of applying a set of quantifiable criteria to a universe of stocks to isolate those stocks that match the criteria. Read more »

Creating a Notebook Template

September 2013
The Stock Notebook in Stock Investor Pro is the work area of the program where you can access and view specified data for multiple companies simultaneously. Read more »

Earnings Estimates

June 2012
One lesson many investors quickly learn is that the market is forward-looking. Security prices are dictated by expectations, and prices fluctuate as these expectations are affirmed or are proven to be unfounded. Some of the most frequently followed measures of market expectations are consensus earnings estimates. Read more »

Creating, Using and Editing Portfolios

May 2012
In Stock Investor Pro, you can create your own portfolios, which can be unique groups of stocks you find interesting or an index created by a financial institution. Portfolios allow you to examine a list of stocks from update to update without having to sift through the entire database each time Read more »

Creating Basic Custom Screens

January 2012
Stock screening is the process of applying a set of quantifiable criteria to a universe of stocks to isolate those stocks that match the criteria. The way in which programs such as Stock Investor Pro perform this task is by using filters—a collection of comparison statements that are applied to the entire universe of stocks or a subset, such as a portfolio Read more »

Installing and Updating Stock Investor Pro

November 2011
You have just purchased Stock Investor Pro, AAII’s fundamental stock screening and research database program – now what? In this installment of Stock Investor News, we will answer that question by going over how to install the program directly from the Web. Read more »

Generating Reports With Views

October 2011
This month, we wrap up our discussion on isolating data fields using views by generating custom reports. In addition, we create a view “on the fly” using the Screen Editor, a useful feature for users who frequently build custom screens and want to view and print the data fields in them. Read more »

Isolating Data Fields

September 2011
Last month’s issue of Stock Investor News marked the first time the publication was delivered electronically. The subject was “Isolating Data in Stock Investor with Views,” and a video was created and uploaded in conjunction with the email. In this month’s issue, we continue discussing the topic with our second installment of “Isolating Data With Views.” Read more »

Isolating Data With Views

August 2011
With over 2,000 data points per company, Stock Investor Pro offers a robust screening database. However, for analysis of individual companies, most users only focus on a select number of fields. Read more »

Tweedy, Browne’s “What Has Worked in Investing”

May 2011
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Performing Multiple Actions With the Stock Notebook

June 2010
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Trend Analysis and Comparing Companies

August 2005
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Using the Screen Editor in Stock Investor

May 2005
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Isolating Data in Stock Investor With Views

February 2005
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How to Create and Use Portfolios

November 2004
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Getting the Most Out of Stock Investor’s Predefined Stock Screens

August 2004
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Generate Reports to Organize Your Data

May 2004
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Creating Custom Fields

November 2002
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Estimating a Stock's Fair Value Using Valuations

August 2002
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"Using Multiples to Gauge Value, Stock Investor Price Multiples"

February 2002
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Ratio Analysis Using Stock Investor

November 2001
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Standard Deviation Data in Stock Investor

November 2000
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Creating Custom Fields—SI Pro

August 2000
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New Mathematical Functions—SI Pro

August 2000
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