Computerized Investing

Computerized Investing

AAII's Computerized Investing subscription allows you to turn your computer into a powerful and more rewarding investing tool. The subscription includes an e-newsletter and a special "subscribers only area" on, all of which will help you make the most out of today's investment software, on-line services, and financial Web sites...Plus your investing skills will benefit from our regular "how-to" articles that cover stock and mutual fund screening and analysis, charting and technical analysis, day trading, the strategies of master stockpickers and more:
  • Monthly releases of articles on harnessing the power of technology to assist in investment analysis, tracking and valuation
  • Reviews of investment software and information services
  • "Best Of" listings covering websites, apps and more
  • Downloadable spreadsheets from portfolio tracking to stock analysis
  • Meeting notices for AAII computer groups
  • CI's exclusive Market Dashboard that helps gauge the direction of the overall market

Also included with subscriptions to Computerized Investing is access to in-depth reviews of online discount brokers for those who may be looking for a new broker, or simply want to know more about their current broker's services and tools.

If you want to excel at using your computer, smartphone, tablet or other connected gear to plan, analyze, research and manage your investments, then CI is right for you. New tools and features are coming to CI, and we don't want you to miss out on the opportunity to lock in savings now!

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