Enhanced AAII Membership (Includes Computerized Investing)

"AAII works hard to keep its members current when it comes to computerized investing."
       —Worth Magazine

The value of the AAII Journal and membership materials are enhanced by the internal research of our staff and our specialized publication, Computerized Investing. This publication allows you to turn your computer into a powerful and more rewarding investing tool. Learn investment theory from the AAII Journal and apply it with instruction and reviews from Computerized Investing.

You won't find another source as comprehensive for this combination of in-depth investing knowledge and support. A single insight gained from our Journal or Computerized Investing, a local chapter meeting or other AAII program will repay the membership cost many times over.

You risk nothing by joining ...

Because we cannot fully explain AAII in this forum, we make this promise: If you decide at any time during your 1st year that AAII is not contributing to your investment skills, we will refund your annual membership dues in full—no questions. We offer this unusual assurance because not only do most of our members renew each year, but over 20% have become Lifetime Members.

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