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About the Author

James B. Cloonan is the founder and chairman emeritus of AAII. He earned his MBA from the University of Chicago and his B.A. and Ph.D. from Northwestern University. After teaching for several years, in 1974 Cloonan helped found and served as CEO of Heinold Securities, a brokerage firm specializing in options. After selling his interest in that firm, he returned to teaching and began the preliminary work leading to the founding of the American Association of Individual Investors in 1978.

James B. Cloonan
AAII Founder &
Investment Educator
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AAII's founder James Cloonan distills a lifetime of research, insight and history to show why individuals are better off using a new and straightforward approach that is tailor-made for today's longer-term investor.

His new book, Investing at Level3, provides the best practices for investors who want to get a handle on investment risk and learn how to consistently outpace the market.

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Cloonan is the author of books and articles on investing and writes the Model Portfolios column for the AAII Journal. He created the Model Shadow Stock Portfolio, which has realized an annualized return of over 15% since inception in 1993.

Cloonan has served on several industry and regulatory panels, including the Consumer Advisory Council of the National Futures Association, the Advisory Panel on Securities Markets and Information Technology of the Congressional Office of Technology Assessment, the NASD Special Committee on the Quality of Markets, the New York Stock Exchange Panel on Market Volatility and Investor Confidence, the Chicago Mercantile Exchange Financial Instruments Advisors Committee, the New York Stock Exchange Individual Investors Advisory Committee, and The Consumer Affairs Advisory Committee of the Securities and Exchange Commission.

He lives with his wife Edie in Chicago.

Click here to read more about how Dr. Cloonan came to his new investing approach, called Level3 Investing.

About AAII

The American Association of Individual Investors (AAII) is a nonprofit educational organization that provides the tools, resources and know-how investors need to successfully build and manage investment wealth. AAII members receive the monthly AAII Journal, model portfolios, access to over 40 local chapters and the comprehensive investment education available on our website at www.aaii.com.

James Cloonan founded AAII in 1978 because he firmly believed that individual investors armed with effective investment education materials and a bit of dedication could outperform most professional managers. The 170,000 members of AAII report equity returns that are higher than those of the stock market as a whole.

For information on AAII membership, please visit www.aaii.com/join.

Our mission is your education.

Since inception in 1978, the non-profit AAII has helped over 2 million individuals build their investment wealth through programs of education, publications, software and grassroots meetings.

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