Chapter Meeting Calendar

AAII Chapter Meetings offer you a variety of presentations from expert speakers who will give you their view on the world of investing. A bonus of attending a Chapter Meeting near you is the opportunity to meet other AAII members who share your interest and enthusiasm for investing. You can even share the Chapter experience with your family and friends by inviting them to attend Chapter Meetings with you!

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Event Date Chapter Name Speaker
  March 30, 2015 Austin Ron Finn
CEO, Finnco Oil & Gas
"The Oil and Gas Industry in the 21st Century"

  March 31, 2015 Philadelphia John P. Reese
Founder and CEO, Validea & Validea Capital Management LLC
"Do the Strategies of Investing Greats Still Work Today?"

  April 2, 2015 Atlanta Nick Clendenin, CFA
Regional Director, Income Solutions
"Trends in the Market: Bonds, Oil, ECB, Geopolitical"

  April 8, 2015 New York City Nicholas G. Atkeson
Partner, Delta Investment Management
"Creating an All-Weather Winning Portfolio "

  April 8, 2015 Columbus George Dagnino, Ph.D.
Chairman, Peter Dag Strategic Money Management, Inc.
"Proven Portfolios That Beat the Market"

  April 9, 2015 Denver Jonathan Clements
Journalist, The Wall Street Journal
"What I’ve Learned Working Both Sides of Wall Street"

  April 11, 2015 Baltimore Bob Pugh, CFA, CFP
President and Founder, Insight Wealth Management, Inc.
"Making Sense of Economists, Politicians and the Federal Reserve"

  April 11, 2015 Silicon Valley Alexander Horn
Partner, Logical Invest
"Intelligent, Rule-Based ETF Investment Strategies"

  April 11, 2015 Charlotte Dr. Alan Ellman
President, The Blue Collar Investor Corp.
"Covered Call Writing to Generate Monthly Cash Flow"

  April 11, 2015 Phoenix Alan F. Willenbrock
Vice President and Senior Portfolio Manager, Morgan Stanley Wealth Management
"Taking Advantage of Municipal Market Dislocations & Dysfunction"

  April 11, 2015 Research Triangle Lori Schock
Director, SEC Office of Investor Education and Advocacy
"New Crowdfunding Regulatory Changes"

  April 11, 2015 Orange County Chuck Butler
President, EverBank World Markets
"The History of Failed Currencies"

  April 11, 2015 Chicago Robert B. Drach
Founder, Drach Market Research Advisors
"High-Probability Investing"

  April 15, 2015 Dallas/Fort Worth Scott Juds
Founder and President, SumGrowth Strategies
"Sector Market Rotation "

  April 15, 2015 Central Florida Richard White
President, Richard Allan White and Associates LLC
"Protecting Investors from Securities and Investment Fraud"

  April 15, 2015 Long Island Charlie Bilello
Director of Research, Pension Partners LLC
"Generating Alpha: Predicting Stock Volatility and Corrections"

  April 16, 2015 Albuquerque Kim Helm
Assistant Vice President and Senior Financial Adviser, Merrill Lynch
"Investing in a Transforming World"

  April 18, 2015 Washington D.C. Metro Marc Gerstein
Director of Research, Portfolio 123; Editor, Forbes Low-Priced Stock Report
"Guerrilla Approaches to Finding and Evaluating Stocks"

  April 18, 2015 Los Angeles Mark Skousen
"One Up on Wall Street: My Favorite Way to Beat the Market"

Monty Guild
Founder and CIO, Guild Investment Management
"Investing in a Negative Interest Rate Environment"

  April 18, 2015 San Diego James Owen Weatherall
Associate Professor, University of California—Irvine
"The Physics of Wall Street "

  April 20, 2015 Austin Scott Juds
Founder and President, SumGrowth Strategies
"True Sector Rotation: Breaking Through the Efficient Frontier"

  April 21, 2015 Eastern Michigan Fred F. Richards
Editor and Publisher, Strategic Investing
"Techniques to Enhance Your Investment Returns"

  April 23, 2015 Birmingham Robert R. Straka
President, Grandview Financial Group LLC
"Alternative Investments in Today’s Challenging Economic Climate"

  April 30, 2015 Philadelphia Fred Amrein
Founding Principal, Amrein Financial and College Affordability LLC
"College Funding Strategies"

  May 5, 2015 St. Louis Jerremy Alexander Newsome
CEO, Real Life Trading LLC
"How to Protect Your Investments Over Earnings"

  May 7, 2015 Santa Barbara/Ventura Paul Merriman
Founder, Merriman, Inc.; President, Merriman Financial Education Foundation
"Live It Up Without Outliving Your Money"

  May 9, 2015 Silicon Valley Harry Domash
Publisher, and
"High-Dividend Investing in a Rising-Interest-Rate Environment"

  May 9, 2015 Research Triangle Charles Carlson
Author and CEO, Horizon Publishing
"Dividend Investing and Dividend Reinvestment Plans (DRIPs)"

  May 13, 2015 Long Island Brad Case, Ph.D., CFA
Senior Vice President, National Association of Real Estate Investment Trusts
"The REIT Approach to Long-Term Real Estate Investing"

  May 13, 2015 Dallas/Fort Worth Jerry E. Tuma, CFP
President and Founder, Cornerstone Financial Services, Inc.
"Smart Money"

  May 14, 2015 San Diego Bradley A. Bredemann, CFA
Vice President, Cohen & Steers
"MLPs and Beyond: Growing Opportunity in Midstream Energy"

  May 16, 2015 Los Angeles Brett Conrad
Founder, Longboard Capital Advisors LLC
"Consumer-Related Stocks: What Factors into Future Success?"

Mebane Faber
Founder, Cambria Investments
"A Review of the World’s Top Investment Strategies"

  May 20, 2015 Central Florida Central Florida Chapter
Members & Leaders
"Our Sixth Annual Open Mic Event"

  June 6, 2015 Research Triangle Anthony W. Muhlenkamp
President, Muhlenkamp & Company
"Managing Your Portfolio in Uncertain Times"