Financial Professional Terms: What They Mean and Why You Should Care

by William Reichenstein

Financial Professional Terms: What They Mean And Why You Should Care Splash image
Broker, registered investment advisor, financial planner, insurance agent, investment advisor, and wealth managers: These are a few of the common terms used to describe various financial professionals.

Many individual investors are confused by these terms, and do not have a clear understanding of what distinguishes one professional from another.

This article will clarify these terms and discuss differences in the duties owed by financial professionals to their clients.

Brokers vs. Investment Advisors

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William Reichenstein , CFA, holds the Pat and Thomas R. Powers Chair in Investment Management at Baylor University and is head of research at Social Security Solutions, Inc .


N Krishne urs from New York posted about 1 year ago:

enjoyed reading valuable information.

Willie from Illinois posted 11 months ago:

Very good information.

Michael from Connecticut posted 8 months ago:

A very well written article.
The article provides some insightful information on commission structure the broker receives for mutual fund he recommends to his client.

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