• AAII Model Portfolios
  • Model Fund Portfolio: Replacing a Closed Fund

    by James B. Cloonan

    The stock market, as well as the Model Fund Portfolio and its variations, finished out 2013 on a continued bullish note to complete a very strong up year.

    There was a slight pullback in January: The year-to-date return for the Model Fund Portfolio was –2.0%, as of January 31. The S&P 500 index pullback in January, as measured by the Vanguard 500 Index fund (VFINX), was –3.5%. January is usually a strong up month, but at least part of the pullback can be attributed to the strong up market and investors waiting until after the year end to sell and realize profits.

    Figure 1 charts the cumulative return. Returns for various time periods are shown in Table 1, and Table 2 gives the year-by-year performance figures and growth of $10,000.

    Portfolio Changes

    We have sold Yacktman Focused fund (YAFFX) and replaced it with Fidelity OTC fund (FOCPX).

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    Bill Dooley from LA posted over 2 years ago:

    Is the pure ETF portfolio reviewed and changes made if needed just as the MF portfolio is? Thanks for any replies.

    Charles Rotblut from IL posted over 2 years ago:

    Hi Bill,

    Yes. The pure ETF portfolio is a subset of the Fund Portfolio and Jim Cloonan will make changes to it as is warranted.


    Doug from NY posted over 2 years ago:

    You've left out the year 2012 in Table 2 (also in the print version).

    Rita Baum from CA posted over 2 years ago:

    would like to read more about the top Vanguard funds. Are there other recommendations besides the REIT?
    Rita Baum

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