Retirement Income: Repairing the Damage to Assure the Flow

by Christine S. Fahlund

Retirement Income: Repairing The Damage To Assure The Flow Splash image

Having suffered severe losses in their retirement nest eggs last year, many retirees living off of their savings are reviewing their investment and spending plans, searching for new plans of action to ensure their savings can sustain them throughout their lifetime.

There is no question that bear markets can be devastating—particularly for new retirees—if action is not taken to compensate for the loss. The sooner you adjust, the better.

But what is your best course of action?

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Christine S. Fahlund , Ph.D. and CFP, is a senior financial planner and vice president of T. Rowe Price Group, an investment management firm based in Baltimore, Maryland.


Roland from New Jersey posted over 3 years ago:

Dr. Fahlund:

For the life of me , I cannot understand why this study was done with a million dollar portfolio when the greater number of Americans retire with less than 200,000.

Why can't your planners be more realistic with your assumptions to help the less fortunate? We are the greater majority!!!


Antonio Leon from Maryland posted 2 months ago:

great work we the people need to se our future
and with your help we are doing it; thanks
may the world get together soon.

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