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List of Speakers
Take a quick look at what these investment pros will teach you:

7 Keys to Successful Retirement Portfolio Planning
Christine Benz, director of personal finance at Morningstar, Inc.

Benz discusses the keys to crafting a retirement portfolio that’s well-balanced, durable and low-maintenance. Given the challenge of low yields and market volatility getting your retirement portfolio in shape today is much more challenging than it was even 20 years ago. To help you, Benz will share some promising model portfolios populated with Morningstar’s high-conviction mutual fund and exchange-traded fund picks.

Stop Acting Crazy: A Fun and Insightful Look at Behavioral Finance
Carl Richards, CFP, columnist for The New York Times

Richards gives an entertaining look at some of the biggest mistakes we make as investors. Using his famous sketches from The New York Times, Richards walks you through the process of fixing these mistakes and setting down a path for investment success.

Best Ideas for Income and Growth
Matt Schifrin, vice president and investing editor at Forbes Media

Schifrin moderates a panel with four other top investment advisory editors who will be sharing strategies for achieving high absolute returns in the current market environment. The panel will give you a better understanding of how to position your capital for more income in 2016 and beyond. You’ll gain the best stock and fund ideas from a panel of Forbes experts—including John Buckingham of the Prudent Speculator, Taesik Yoon of Forbes Investor, John Dobosz of Forbes Dividend Investor, and fixed-income columnist Richard Lehmann.

2016: A Contrarian’s View
Ken Fisher, Forbes columnist and CEO of Fisher Investments

Fisher discusses the politics of 2016 to show likely market outcomes (after the discounting of popular trends, victories and losses). Similarly, he analyzes interest rates and market forecasts the same way, looking to see what the herd thinks is discounted, what the anti-herd thinks (that is also widely discussed and hence discounted), and what remains as possibilities and their probable likelihoods for the coming year. All of Fisher’s contrarian insights are then summarily wrapped together into a set of ideas that are designed to help you stack the probabilities of investment success in your favor.

Investing in an Age of Volatility
Jim Jubak, editor and portfolio strategist at Jubak Asset Management LLC

Jubak explains why market volatility has increased and why the next 20 years are going to be an age of volatility by identifying the trends that are driving this phenomenon. His lively presentation will also focus in on the best investing strategies for protecting your portfolio and profiting from the coming investment volatility.

Jack Ablin
"Common Sense Investing Strategies That Work in an Uncertain World"
Chief Investment Officer, BMO Private Bank

Christine Benz
"7 Keys to Successful Retirement Portfolio Planning"
Director of Personal Finance, Morningstar, Inc.

John Buckingham
"The Value of Dividends"
Editor, The Prudent Speculator

Maria Crawford Scott
"Managing Your Money During Retirement"
Former Editor, AAII Journal, AAII

Ken Fisher
"A Contrary View of 2016"
Forbes Columnist and CEO of Fisher Investments

Wesley Gray, Ph.D.
"Why Value Investing Is Simple, but Not Easy"
Executive Managing Member, Alpha Architect, LLC

John Horn and Dera Johnsen-Tracy
"Avoid the Top 10 Mistakes Made With Beneficiary Designations"
Attorneys, Horn & Johnsen, SC

Mark Hulbert
"Timeless Lessons Learned From Tracking Advisers for Over 30 Years"
Editor, Hulbert Financial Digest

Craig Israelsen, Ph.D.
"Building a Diversified ‘Core’ for Every Portfolio"
Designer, 7Twelve Portfolio

Julie Jason
"Investing Over a Lifetime: Why Long-Term Stock Market Holding Periods Matter"
CIO of Jackson, Grant Investment Advisers Inc.

Jim Jubak
"Investing in an Age of Volatility"
Editor and Portfolio Strategist, Jubak Asset Management, LLC

Michael Kahn
"Relative Strength Investing: The Art of Riding Winners"
Columnist, Barron's Online

Jordan Kimmel
"MAGNET Stock Selection and Portfolio Management in Volatile Times"
Chief Investment Officer, InvestView, Inc.

Neil Leeson
"Understanding ETFs and the Importance of Their Construction"
Research Director, Spyglass Trading LP

Richard Lehmann
"Investing for Income in 2016"
President, Income Securities Advisor Inc.

Walter Lenhard
"The Evolution of Indexing"
Senior Investment Strategist, Vanguard

Gail MarksJarvis
"Saving for Retirement (Without Living Like a Pauper or Winning the Lottery)"
Nationally Syndicated Financial Columnist at the Chicago Tribune

Greg McBride, CFA
"Investing in Short-Term Savings and Cash Investments"
Senior Vice President & Chief Financial Analyst, BankRate.com

Richard L. Peterson, MD
"Finding a Stock Winner: First Step Screening"
Assistant Financial Analyst, AAII

Patrick O’Shaughnessy
"Combining the Best Stock Selection Factors"
Portfolio Manager & Principal, O’Shaughnessy Asset Management

Richard L. Peterson, M.D.
"Sentiment Analysis: How Media Affect Investors and Influence Prices"
CEO, MarketPsych, LLC

Carl Richards, CFP
"Stop Acting Crazy: A Fun and Insightful Look at Behavioral Finance"
Columnist, The New York Times

Charles Rotblut, CFA
"Smart Investing: Seeking Reward While Reducing Risk"
Vice President, AAII; Editor, AAII Journal, AAII

Matt Schifrin
"Best Strategies & Ideas for Income and Growth"
Vice President, Investing Editor, Forbes Media

Larry Swedroe
"The Incredible Shrinking Alpha"
Director of Research for the BAM Alliance, The Buckingham Family of Financial Services

Wayne A. Thorp, CFA
"Determining a Stock’s True Worth"
Senior Financial Analyst, AAII