Guide to Top Mutual Funds 2011

This is the 30th consecutive year that AAII has published an annual mutual fund guide. I am proud to say that throughout this 30-year period, the primary focus of our guide has not changed. It was and remains to give you important information about a variety of no-load and low-load mutual funds.
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Which Funds Were Included

A Key to Terms and Statistics

Performance Tables
Table 1. Performance of Category Averages and Index Benchmarks
Table 2. Top 50 Performers for 2010
Table 3. Bottom 50 Performers for 2010
Table 4. Performance of the 50 Most Widely Held Funds
Risk-Adjusted Returns

Expanded Fund Listings
These tables include all funds tracked by AAII and expanded data and information for each fund.
All Funds
Domestic Stock Funds
Neutral/Inverse Funds
Sector Stock Funds
International Stock Funds
Balanced Stock/Bond Funds
Target Date Funds
Bond Funds
Field Definitions
More on Mutual Funds

Category & Style Definitions

Mutual Fund Contact Information
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Expanded Fund Listings Spreadsheet
Field Definitions
Performance Tables Spreadsheet
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