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    ETFs and the Model Fund Portfolio

    Comments posted to “Frontier Markets Exposure Added to the Model Fund Portfolio,” by James B. Cloonan, in the August 2013 AAII Journal:

    Is there a pure ETF portfolio in which we could invest and follow at AAII?

    —Diane Sracic from Florida

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    Richard Smith from IL posted over 3 years ago:

    I couldn't find out how to send a note regarding another subject, so I took this avenue. I subscribe to Dividend Investors. Whenever I sign on, I go directly to that website. I wanted to make a comment about Stock Screens, but "couldn't get there from here".

    My question is regarding the September 2013 issue. I am quite interested in stock screening as I thought using on would be a great help for someone like myself that doesn't have a lot of experience in dividend stock selection. I was thrilled to find this issue mentioned the process on the inside cover.

    In my naivety, I thought all one had to do was enter the stock symbol and the software did the rest. I am now a little better educated, but still do not know what to do to utilize the program. What do I do now? Thanks,

    Richard Smith (please don't print this, thx)

    Jean Henrich from IL posted over 3 years ago:

    Richard Smith,
    As the article explained, you can use the Stock Screen Characteristics table to help you choose a screen that fits your investing philosophy - there are a couple of dividend screens. Then, you can go to that screen's page (by clicking on the screen name) and choose "Passing Companies" to see a list of stocks that currently meet the criteria for your chosen screen. Use these lists to choose stocks that you think merit further investigation. Go to http://www.aaii.com/stock-screens for more help on how to use the AAII Stock Screens. Thanks for your interest.
    -Jean at AAII

    Larry Taylor from SC posted over 3 years ago:

    Good morning, I am interested in providing a mortgage of 130K on a office building.
    20yr @ 6% 5 year Balloon.
    I have a Roth IRA which I would like to use for this purpose.
    It's asset allocation is very diversified containing US Stocks International Stocks Bonds and Cash.
    What would be the best way to achieve this?

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