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AAII Stock Screens 2014 Review: Active Strategies Lag

January 2015 by Wayne A. Thorp
Though the Dow and the S&P 500 set record highs, mid-cap and small-cap stocks lagged, contributing to disappointing returns for active strategies. Read more »

Five Common Traits of Successful Value Screens

July 2014 by John Bajkowski
Though investing gurus differ in what they look for in a stock, there are five common traits we see across the AAII value-oriented screens. Read more »

Strategic Value Investing: Screening for Cash Flow and Value

May 2014 by Robert R. Johnson
Positive cash flows are as important as earnings. This screen identifies companies that both generate positive cash flow and trade at reasonable prices. Read more »

Finding Value and Financial Strength Based on “What Works on Wall Street”

March 2014 by John Bajkowski
Using James O'Shaughnessy's recent AAII Journal article as a basis, we identify stocks with favorable valuation, financial strength and earnings quality composite scores. Read more »

2013 Stock Screens Review: The Year of the Bulls

January 2014 by Joe Lan
More than 40 of the 65 screens tracked on beat the S&P 500 last year. Plus, two new risk measures are presented. Read more »

Finding Winners and Avoiding Losers Among Glamour Stocks

October 2013 by John Bajkowski
A scoring system designed to identify winning growth stocks by examining profitability, naive extrapolation and accounting conservatism. Read more »

Lowell Miller’s Best Dividend Screen

June 2013 by John Bajkowski
Portfolio manager Lowell Miller says the best dividend stocks combine growth, reasonable valuations, financial strength and price momentum. Read more »

Combining Quality Growth With Value and Momentum

April 2013 by John Bajkowski
Quality growth, or a high ratio of gross profit to total assets, is a better predictor of future success and works well when combined with value and momentum indicators. Read more »

2012 Year-End Screens Review: Investors Caught in Political Cliffhanger

January 2013 by Wayne A. Thorp
More than 50 of the 64 screens tracked on posted positive returns last year, led by the value-oriented Piotroski: High F-Score screen. Read more »

Constructing Winning Stock Screens

December 2012 by John Bajkowski
By combining primary and secondary criteria, a stock screen can be created to identify companies matching an individual’s investing objective and style. Read more »

Adjusting the Benjamin Graham Enterprising Investor Screen

October 2012 by John Bajkowski
This contrarian screen has produced impressive results, but is overly restrictive. A few small revisions make the strategy more useful for the real world. Read more »

Screening for Stocks With Strong Secular Growth

May 2012 by John Bajkowski
Secular growth companies increase earnings in both good and bad economic cycles. This screen is designed to identify such companies. Read more »

2011 Year-End Screening Review: A Difficult Year for Stocks and Strategies

January 2012 by Wayne A. Thorp
Last year’s market turbulence hurt, with the AAII screens posting a median loss of 3.8%. Twenty-four screens did post gains, however, led by the T. Rowe Price screen. Read more »

Screening for Tomorrow’s Stock Market Winners

October 2011 by Wayne A. Thorp
Potential future winning stocks have nine characteristics, according to Marc Reinganum. This strategy finds such stocks. Read more »

The Matras Increasing Earnings Approach

July 2011 by Charles Rotblut
This strategy identifies companies that have increased earnings for six consecutive quarters and are forecast to continue growing. Read more »

Driehaus Screen for Growth and Momentum Stocks

June 2011 by Wayne A. Thorp
Price and profit momentum are blended in this screening strategy to find potentially profitable investment ideas. Read more »

Tweedy, Browne: “What Has Worked in Investing”

April 2011 by Wayne A. Thorp
Mutual fund company Tweedy, Browne takes a Benjamin Graham approach by looking for smaller companies trading at low valuations. Read more »

2010 Year-End Screening Review: Across the Board Gains

January 2011 by Wayne A. Thorp
See performance information for all 63 screens tracked by and find out which screen delivered the highest returns in 2010. Read more »

How I Find Lower Risk/Higher Reward Stocks

December 2010 by Charles Rotblut
Charles details his stock screen, which helps identify stocks based on four key attributes: valuation, financials, business model and diversification. Read more »

Screening for Stocks With High Relative Dividend Yields

September 2010 by Charles Rotblut
This screen identifies stocks with yields that are above their historical averages and that have histories of rising dividend payments. Read more »

A Technical-Fundamental System for Stock Selection

August 2010 by Wayne A. Thorp
Momentum and value are combined in this active trading strategy based on Grant Henning’s book, “The Value and Momentum Trader.” Read more »

Value on the Move: Screening for Low PEG Ratio Stocks

July 2010 by Cara Scatizzi
Two low PEG strategies are outperforming the major stock indexes. Read more »

O'Shaughnessy's Tiny Titans Screen

June 2010 by Cara Scatizzi
This strategy finds low-valuation micro-cap stocks with positive relative momentum. Read more »

Graham's Last Will & Testament

May 2010 by Wayne A. Thorp
Benjamin Graham and James Rea's three-criterion system for identifying potential investment candidates is translated into a screen. Read more »

Adjusting for the Real World: Testing Variations of Piotroski's Screen

April 2010 by Cara Scatizzi
The Piotroski screen has been one of AAII's top screens for many years, but it often identifies just a few stocks. See what happens when the criteria are relaxed. Read more »

2009 Year-End Screening Review: The Bulls Stage a Rally

January 2010 by Wayne A. Thorp
The stock screens on took advantage of the rebounding markets to post strong gains. It was a relative newcomer, however, that delivered the best performance. Read more »

Hagstrom's Buffett Approach to Analyzing a Stock as a Business

December 2009 by Wayne A. Thorp
Whether you are looking to buy a company, or just purchase shares for your portfolio, a fundamental approach begins with an understanding of the value of a business--the Warren Buffett approach. In his book, "The Essential Buffett," Robert Hagstrom argues that it is possible to duplicate Buffett's approach. A look at screening for stocks using Hagstrom's Buffett approach. Read more »

Building Stock Screens Using the Kirkpatrick "Relative" Approach

November 2009 by Wayne A. Thorp
How can individual investors implement the Kirkpatrick approach? A look at AAII's stock screens based on Charles Kirkpatrick's stock selection processes. Read more »

Using Triggers to Beat the Market: The Charles Kirkpatrick "Relative" Approach

November 2009 by Wayne A. Thorp
Despite the stock market’s recent wild ride, many still believe that stocks are the best investment vehicle available--including Charles Kirkpatrick, president of Kirkpatrick & Co., a technical research firm, and publisher of the Kirkpatrick Market Strategist. A focus on Kirkpatrick’s "relative" investment philosophy. Read more »

Finding Value Among the "Lows": The Walter J. Schloss Approach

October 2009 by Cara Scatizzi
The name Walter J. Schloss means little to the average investor. But this Benjamin Graham disciple learned his lessons well: From 1956 to 2000, his investment fund earned 15.7% versus the market’s 11.2%, and Warren Buffett has called him a "super" investor. A focus on the elements that drive the Schloss investment philosophy. Read more »

Adapting a Graham Disciple's Approach: AAII's Walter J. Schloss Screen

October 2009 by Cara Scatizzi
How can individual investors implement the Walter J. Schloss approach? A look at AAII's stock screen based on Schloss' stock selection process. Read more »

Value Investing Using the Fundamental Rule of Thumb

September 2009 by Wayne A. Thorp
Earnings yield, dividend yield, and the ratio of earnings retained to book value are well-known value factors that are often used by value investors. The Fundamental Rule of Thumb approach combines all three, and allows you to calculate a trade-off score that may help uncover stocks meriting further analysis. How to screen using the Fundamental Rule of Thumb approach Read more »

Attracting Winning Stocks: The MAGNET Stock Selection Process

August 2009 by Wayne A. Thorp
Jordan Kimmel takes a three-pronged approach to stock selection, combining value, growth, and momentum investing approaches into a singular investing model that he terms The MAGNET Stock Selection Process. A look at the MAGNET philosophy and approach. Read more »

Adapting the Kimmel Approach: AAII's Simple & Complex MAGNET Screens

August 2009 by Wayne A. Thorp
How can you implement the MAGNET approach in a stock screening program? A look at two AAII stock screens based on Kimmel's MAGNET stock selection process. Read more »

2009 Mid-Year Stock Screen Review: Is a Market Rebound in Progress?

July 2009 by Wayne A. Thorp
Only time will tell whether we are experiencing a true turnaround, but the typical exchange-listed stock is up over 27% for the year, and many of the AAII stock screens have turned in performances that dwarf the broader market. Read more »

Investing in Stocks With DRPs: Adding Yield to Your Returns

June 2009 by Wayne A. Thorp
A value approach to screening for the stocks of companies that offer dividend reinvestment plans (DRPs). The AAII screen tracks companies from both DRP and non-DRP universes Read more »

Graham's Defensive Investor Screens: An Intrinsic Approach for Stormy Times

May 2009 by Wayne A. Thorp
Benjamin Graham's approach to investing focused on a concept of intrinsic value that would prevent an investor from being misled during extreme market conditions. For those seeking an approach to guide them through today’' stormy markets, the Graham Defensive Investor screens are worth a closer look. Read more »

Market Expectations vs. Results: Tracking Analyst Earnings Revisions

April 2009 by Wayne A. Thorp
Changes in earnings expectations, no matter how slight, can have a significant impact on a stock's price. Tracking these expectations and their changes is an important component of stock analysis, and tracking significant revisions can be turned into a rewarding investment strategy. Developing a screen for analyst revisions. Read more »

Finding a Stock's "True Value" Using The Price-Earnings Relative Screen

February 2009 by Wayne A. Thorp
While the price-earnings ratio is a popular measure of value, ratios are not across-the-board comparable. How do you judge a company's price-earnings ratio? One approach is to look at price-earnings relative ratios. Read more »

2008 AAII Stock Screen Roundup: Piotroski Strategy Defeats the Bear

January 2009 by Wayne A. Thorp
For many investors, 2008 cannot end soon enough, with the S&P 500 index down 40.3% for the year (through early December). During periods like this, very few long-only stock selection strategies generate gains, including AAII’s stock screens. However, one screen proved to be the exception--the low price-to-book-value strategy developed by Joseph Piotroski gained 32.6% through December 5. Read more »

David Dreman's Contrarian Strategy: Profiting From the Market's "Mistakes"

November 2008 by Wayne A. Thorp
David Dreman is a renowned contrarian investor who sees stocks and markets driven by emotions that often push prices from their intrinsic or "fair" value. A look at how to screen stocks based on the David Dreman approach. Read more »

The Philip Fisher Approach to Screening Common Stocks for Uncommon Profits

October 2008 by Wayne A. Thorp
Philip Fisher was one of the first money managers to focus on qualitative factors. But he was first and foremost a growth stock investor, and he provided enough detail to establish some basic quantitative screens. A look at AAII's Philip Fisher screen, which seeks to highlight stocks with good growth potential. Read more »

The Warren Buffett Way of Finding Excellent Firms at Attractive Prices

September 2008 by Wayne A. Thorp
The legend of Warren Buffett and his investment prowess is well-documented. Buffett first seeks to identify an excellent business and then invests in it only if the price is right. A look at how to screen for firms using the Warren Buffett approach, based on the book “Buffettology” by Mary Buffett and David Clark. Read more »

Sorting Out the Winners in the Low Price-to-Book Stock Universe

August 2008 by Wayne A. Thorp
A mountain of research points to the long-term success of value-based stock selection, and University of Chicago accounting professor Joseph Piotroski further refines the approach, using basic financial criteria to help separate the winners from the losers. A look at our stock screen based on the Piotroski approach. Read more »

The Election-Year Effect: For Now, 2008 Stock Market Bucks the Trend

July 2008 by Wayne A. Thorp
So far this year, the market has been unable to overcome a series of obstacles, and as of the first week of June, the S&P 500 was down 7.3% This has carried over to the AAII stock screens: of the 56 screens tracked at, only 20 are up for the year, although 43 are outperforming the S&P 500. Read more »

Martin Zweig's Winning Approach to Investing in Long-Term Growth Stocks

May 2008 by Wayne A. Thorp
Investors looking for growth prospects seek firms that are leading the pack, but that will also maintain that lead in the years ahead. This is the approach advocated by Martin Zweig. A look at AAII's screen that follows the Martin Zweig approach. Read more »

Ralph Wanger's Survival Guide to Investing in Small-Cap Stocks

April 2008 by Wayne A. Thorp
Ralph Wanger's investing style of holding small companies with financial strength, entrepreneurial managers, and understandable businesses allowed him to generate enviable returns while managing the Acorn Fund between 1970 and 2003. A look at AAII's screen that follows the Ralph Wanger approach. Read more »

Investing in Proven Growth Using CAN SLIM Revised

February 2008 by Wayne A. Thorp
William O’Neil’s original CAN SLIM approach was based on analyzing the biggest stock market winners from 1953 to 1993. But the analysis was extended to 2001 and the criteria revised. A look at how our screen based on this revised approach has fared. Read more »

Master Strategists for 2007: AAII's Top Stock Screens

January 2008 by Wayne A. Thorp
The fiercest battle in 2007 was not among the strategists, but against the market itself. Nonetheless, the top strategist's win was decisive: The O'Shaughnessy Small Cap Growth and Value methodology closed the year up 43.9%. Read more »

The Foolish Approach to Small-Cap Stock Investing

November 2007 by Wayne A. Thorp
The Foolish Small Cap 8 screen attempts to isolate profitable, rapidly growing small-cap firms using an approach originally developed by the The Motley Fool Web site. Read more »

The Rule #1 Approach to Finding Wonderful Companies

October 2007 by Wayne A. Thorp
Warren Buffett’s #1 rule of investing is: Don't lose money And how do you accomplish that small feat? By investing in wonderful companies at attracive prices, according to Phil Town, author of a new book that outlines his approach. A look at AAII's new stock screen based on Town's methodology. Read more »

Style Diversification Using the James O'Shaughnessy Approach

September 2007 by Wayne A. Thorp
While stock investors have been debating the merits of growth versus value strategies for decades, James O'Shaughnessy has shown that both approaches work--but on different kinds of stocks. How to screen for growth and value using the O'Shaughnessy approach. Read more »

A Top-Line Approach: The Price-to-Sales Ratio Screen

August 2007 by Wayne A. Thorp
Price-to-sales ratios came into their own during the dot-com era, when earnings-based valuation models proved useless. Several years after the bursting of the Internet bubble, price-to-sales ratios continue to be a useful stock selection methodology. A look at one approach Read more »

Strong Market Performance Powers First-Half 2007 Results

July 2007 by Wayne A. Thorp
Most AAII stock screens are outperforming the broad market indexes. The Benjamin Graham Defensive Non-Utility screen is at the top of the first-half performance list, with a year-to-date gain of 35.4%. The O'Shaughnessy Tiny Titans screen tops the long-term list, with a cumulative gain of 3,290.9% since the start of 1998. Read more »

Dividend Reinvestment Plans: Value Investing With a Dividend Boost

June 2007 by Wayne A. Thorp
Dividend reinvestment plans offer investors a low-cost approach to investing in dividend-paying stocks. How should you screen these firms? A look at a high-yield approach. Read more »

Dow Dogs Make Their Mark With Pure Mechanical Approach

April 2007 by Wayne A. Thorp
The Dow Dogs methodology emphasizes out-of-favor Dow stocks that are possibly underpriced relative to others, as indicated by high dividend yields. It is a mechanical approach that forces strict discipline, and requires no investment decision-making expertise--a highly appealing strategy to many individual investors, particularly market neophytes. Read more »

Over There: Screening for Reasonably Priced ADRs

February 2007 by Wayne A. Thorp
Direct investment in foreign-traded stocks is difficult and costly for the individual investor, but an excellent route overseas is to purchase shares of international companies in the form of ADRs. How do you screen for these kinds of stocks? A look at one approach. Read more »

Valuation Evaluation Using Price-Earnings Relatives

November 2006 by Wayne A. Thorp
The price-earnings ratio is one of the most popular measures of company value. But P/Es are not across-the-board comparable. The relative price-earnings ratio approach looks back at the relationship of the price-earnings ratio of a stock either to the price-earnings ratio of the overall market or to that of the company’s industry. How to screen for stocks using P/E relatives. Read more »

The Lakonishok Approach to Value Investing: A Payoff for Patience

October 2006 by Wayne A. Thorp
Can academic theory be put to practice? A University of Illinois finance professor formed an investment management firm using quantitative models to find value companies. A look at the contrarian Lakonishok screen and how it has fared. Read more »

Avoiding the Traps of Being Early: Value on the Move Screens

September 2006 by Wayne A. Thorp
AAII's Value on the Move screens seek value-oriented stocks but attempt to avoid typical value traps by adding criteria for earnings growth and relative strength. Read more »

Small-Company Investing Using the "Oberweis Octagon"

August 2006 by Wayne A. Thorp
AAII's screen patterned after the Oberweis Octagon focuses on rapidly growing companies that are attractively priced. A look at how the screen has performed, and its current holdings. Read more »

Small Caps & Value Lead at the Mid-Point of 2006

July 2006 by Wayne A. Thorp
A mid-year review of the screens tracked on shows a reversal of last year’s trend, with value strategies topping growth approaches, and small-cap screens outperforming mid- and large-cap strategies. Read more »

A High-Yield Approach to Value Investing

June 2006 by Wayne A. Thorp
Dividend-paying stocks can provide a beneficial diversification component to aggressive, high-growth stock portfolios. How should you screen dividend reinvestment plan stocks? A conservative high-yield approach. Read more »

The Muhlenkamp Approach: Screening for High ROEs at a Reasonable Price

May 2006 by Wayne A. Thorp
Ronald Muhlenkamp, lead manager of the Muhlenkamp Fund, takes a total return approach to investing, using a bottom-up strategy to select stocks, but adjusting benchmarks based upon the broad economic environment. AAII’s screen using the Muhlenkamp approach was one of the top-performing growth and value screens for 2005. Read more »

Graham's Long-Term Winning Approach for Enterprising & Defensive Investors

April 2006 by Cara Scatizzi
Father knows best--at least as far as Benjamin Graham, the father of value investing, is concerned. A look at Graham's approach to long-term investing for both enterprising and defensive investors. Read more »

A Performance Correction for the 2005 AAII Stock Screens

Read more »

Screening for the Future Stock Market Winners

February 2006 by Wayne A. Thorp
What does it take to become a winner? In 1989, Marc Reinganum examined the common characteristics of a group of winning stocks. Based on that research, AAII developed the Stock Market Winners screen, a growth and value approach that last year was one of the top performers. Read more »

From Peak to Valley: The Stock Strategy Landscape in 2005

January 2006 by Wayne A. Thorp
It was a rocky start, but the market, as well as most strategies, finally found their footing in 2005, with 43 of the 54 strategies AAII tracks turning in a positive performance for the year. For the second year in a row, the Michael Murphy value-priced technology screen led the way, while the growth-and-value Zweig approach held its long-term standing. Read more »

Getting Your Money's Worth: Screening for Return on Equity

November 2005 by Wayne A. Thorp
Return on equity (ROE) is a popular measure of profitability and corporate management excellence. How to screen for stocks with strong and solid ROEs. Read more »

The King of Value: Screening for Low Price-to-Free-Cash-Flow

October 2005 by Wayne A. Thorp
For many investors, cash is 'king' when it comes to selecting stocks, since growth in sales, earnings and asset values is ultimately fueled by a company's cash-generating ability. And now cash may be king when it comes to stock screening as well--AAII's free cash flow screen (low price-to-free-cash-flow) is one of the top-performing value strategies tracked by AAII. A look at the low price-to-free-cash-flow screen. Read more »

The Revised Foolish 8 Screen: Not-So-Foolish Results

September 2005 by Wayne A. Thorp
Small stocks entice investors with the potential for large returns. But how do you select among the thousands of firms? The Motley Fool Web site originally developed a filter to look for profitable, rapidly growing small companies with strong price momentum. A revised version adds valuation and management criteria. Read more »

How to Profit From Revisions in Analysts' Earnings Estimates

August 2005 by Wayne A. Thorp
While actual earnings growth is key over the long term, even small changes in expectations can have a big impact on a stock's price. How tracking revisions in earnings estimates can be turned into a rewarding investment strategy. Read more »

Mid-Cap and Growth Pull Ahead in Mid-Year Review

July 2005 by Wayne A. Thorp
The year has been rough for value-oriented strategies relative to growth approaches, while strategies investing in smaller-cap companies have outperformed strategies that focus on larger firms. Read more »

A Conservative Approach to Screening for High Dividend Yields

June 2005 by Wayne A. Thorp
Dividend-paying stocks provide a bit of a safe harbor during market tempests. Our high-yield screen offers a conservative approach to investing in dividend-paying stocks. Read more »

John Neff's Approach to Contrarian Investing

May 2005 by Wayne A. Thorp
Searching for stocks with low-price-earnings ratios, solid earnings growth and increasing dividend yields, using the successful approach of the former manager of the Vanguard Windsor Fund. Read more »

The Peter Lynch Approach: Investing in "Understandable" Stocks

April 2005 by Wayne A. Thorp
AAII Stock Screens: Searching for attractively valued growth stocks that haven't yet captured the attention of Wall Street? The Lynch approach emphasizes a thorough understanding of the company and whether the stock can be purchased at a reasonable price. Read more »

The IBD Stable 70: Screening for Long-Term Growth and Stability

February 2005 by Wayne A. Thorp
AAII Stock Screens: Searching for "recession-proof" stocks? The IBD Stable 70 screen attempts to identify companies that have strong and stable long-term earnings growth—characteristics that have allowed firms to weather downturns in the past. Read more »

Stock Strategy Winners From the 2004 Performance Derby

January 2005 by John Bajkowski
AAII Stock Screens: It was a mixed field on a changing track during the 2004 stock strategy performance derby. The top performer for the year was the only strategy during 2003 to show a loss. But the Zweig approach maintained its long-term lead. Read more »

Screening for Value Using the Fundamental Rule of Thumb

November 2004 by John Bajkowski
AAII Stock Screens: The Fundamental Rule of Thumb screen combines earnings yield, dividend yield, and the ratio of earnings retained to book value to produce a score that can help indicate if a stock merits further analysis. Read more »

Screening for Triggers: Revised Earnings Estimates

October 2004 by John Bajkowski
AAII Stock Screens: Positive earnings surprises and upward revisions are event triggers that can change the market's collective mind about stocks that are out of favor. A review of the Dreman With Estimate Revisions screen. Read more »

The Best of Both Worlds: Value on the Move Screens

September 2004 by Wayne A. Thorp
AAII Stock Screens: Most buyers want value for their money, but many stock investors also seek growth. How to combine value and growth measures to identify potential attractively priced companies that are also experiencing growth. Read more »

Tracking the Smart Money: Screening for Insider Activity

August 2004 by Wayne A. Thorp
AAII Stock Screens: Who else better knows the future prospects of a company than the insiders? While it would be foolish to base buy and sell decisions solely on insider data, it is useful to know what the smart money is up to. AAII's insider buys screen. Read more »

Strategies End Mid-Year on Upside of a See-Saw Market

July 2004 by John Bajkowski
AAII Stock Screens: Thirty-four of the 54 strategies tracked on showed positive gains for the first half of 2004. A look at the year-to-date winners. Read more »

Keep the Dividends Flowing: Screening for DRPs

June 2004 by Wayne A. Thorp
AAII Stock Screens: Selecting from a universe consisting only of firms offering dividend reinvestment plans can result in a concentrated portfolio. But DRPs can provide a beneficial diversification component to aggressive, high-growth stock portfolios. Read more »

Overseas Investing at Home: Screening for Reasonably Priced ADRs

May 2004 by John Bajkowski
AAII Stock Screens: One way to invest in individual international stocks is through American depositary receipts (ADRs). AAII's screen for ADRs looks for firms trading with a low PEG ratio that show strong recent price momentum. Read more »

The Weiss Approach: Finding Value in Dividend-Paying Blue Chips

April 2004 by John Bajkowski
A review of the Geraldine Weiss screen to identify sound companies trading at reasonable dividend yield valuation levels. Read more »

The Zweig Approach: Growth Stocks That Can Keep Pace

February 2004 by Wayne A. Thorp
A closer look at our top-performing screen over the long term, based on Martin Zweig's approach to identifying stocks that have strong earnings growth and price action, and selling at reasonable price-earnings ratios. Read more »

Winners and Losers in the 2003 Performance Race

January 2004 by John Bajkowski
The Piotroski small-cap value approach and the Zweig growth and value strategy are the two big winners in AAII's annual comparison of major stock screenig strategies tracked on Read more »

Keeping a Pulse on Expectations: Screening for Earnings Revisions

November 2003 by John Bajkowski
Slight changes in expectations for future earnings or the earnings growth rate can strongly impact a stock's price. Tracking these expectations and their changes can be a rewarding stock strategy. Read more »

IBD Stable 70: Surviving Downturns With Long-Term Earnings Growth

October 2003 by Wayne A. Thorp
The IBD Stable 70 screen has easily outperformed the small-, mid- and large-cap indexes over the last five years. It looks for firms equipped to withstand downturns by isolating those with strong & stable long-term earnings growth. Read more »

AAII's Low Price-to-Sales Screen: Strong Performer in Mixed Market

September 2003 by John Bajkowski
Screening provides a disciplined aproach to selecting stocks that match up with one's investment philosophy. However, it's a first step in the stock selection process and should be followed up with in-dpeth company analysis. Read more »

How the Strategies Have Fared: A Mid-Year Performance Review

August 2003 by John Bajkowski
The Foolish Small Cap 8 strategy shot past all of the other strategies in the first half of 2003, while the long-term leader in the growth category continues to be the O'Neil CAN SLIM approach. Read more »

Searching for the Upcoming Stock Market Winners

July 2003 by John Bajkowski
The original rules developed by Marc Reinganum to identify stock market "winners" produced returns that were significantly higher than the market. Read more »

Implementing a High-Yield Screen to Invest in Stocks With DRPs

June 2003 by John Bajkowski
Many individuals are attracted to companies with DRPs as a low-cost way to buy shares. But limiting investment to only DRPs tends to exclude certain sectors from your portfolio, including higher-growth stocks. Read more »

The Muhlenkamp Stock Screen: High ROEs at a Reasonable Price

May 2003 by John Bajkowski
Muhlenkamp uses a bottom-up approach to selecting stocks, but adjusts his benchmarks based upon the broad economic environment, using prevailing inflation and interest rates to help establish his investment hurdles. Read more »

How to Use the CAN SLIM Approach to Screen for Growth Stocks

April 2003 by John Bajkowski
AAII's interpretation of the CAN SLIM approach has been one of the most consistent and strongest-performing screens during both bull and bear markets. An update on the CAN SLIM strategy. Read more »

Out of Wall Street's Spotlights: AAII's 2003 Shadow Stock Listing

February 2003 by Wayne A. Thorp
This year's list consists of 159 companies, including 44 newcomers. Detailed financial data for all 159 Shadow Stocks is available in spreadsheet form in the Download Library area under Files from AAII. Read more »

Shadow Stock Rookies: What the Newcomers Look Like

February 2003 by Wayne A. Thorp
The price-earnings ratios for the Shadow Stock rookies range from 3.2 for freight carrier B&H Ocean Carriers, to 102.6 for OYO Geospace Corp., a maker of seismic data instruments. Read more »

Stock Strategy Performance: Winners and Losers in 2002

January 2003 by John Bajkowski
The Graham Enterprising Investor screen led the pack in 2002 in total gains. This value approach looks for dividend-paying stocks with low price-earnings ratios. Read more »

The Foolish Approach to Investing in Small-Cap Stocks

November 2002 by Wayne A. Thorp
The Motley Fool's Foolish 8 method for investing in small caps looks for profitable and rapidly growing companies with strong price momentum. Read more »

Dividends Count: Screening for Undervalued Stocks With Lower Risk

October 2002 by John Bajkowski
If a stock's price rises faster than its dividend, the dividend yield will fall, indicating the price may have been bid up too far. Conversely, if the yield rises to a high level, the stock may be poised for an increase. Read more »

Building a Screen for Reasonably Priced ADRs

September 2002 by John Bajkowski
Performance of an ADR will closely monitor that of the underlying stock traded on a foreign exchange. And for U.S.-based investors, ADRs are subject to the same currency risk as the underlying stock. Read more »

Which Stock Strategies Did Best? A Mid-Year Performance Review

July 2002 by John Bajkowski
So far the top-performing screens during 2002 were also the leading strategies during 2001: The Piotroski value screen, the Philip Fisher growth & value screen, and O'Neil's CANSLIM growth screen. Read more »

DRP Stock Characteristics and How to Implement a High-Yield Screen

June 2002 by Wayne A. Thorp
During bear markets, dividend-paying value stocks tend to outperform growth-oriented issues. This is echoed by the price-earnings ratios of the DRP and non-DRP universes, 19.6 and 18.9 respectively. Read more »

Analyzing a Stock as a Business: The Buffett Approach to Screening

May 2002 by John Bajkowski
Warren Buffett's strategy is easy to understand, but its successful implementation requires a considerable amount of time, effort, and judgment. You need to thoroughly analyze the business and quality of management. Read more »

An Aggressive Value Approach for Small-Company Investing

April 2002 by Wayne A. Thorp
The Oberweis Octagon is a set of rules outlining an approach that seeks to identify rapidly growing companies with prospects for continued future growth, but with stock market valuations that are reasonable given their levels of growth. Read more »

Shadow Stocks 2002: Small Caps Out of Wall Street's Spotlights

February 2002 by Wayne A. Thorp
Stock Screening: By operating out of the spotlight of Wall Street, Shadow Stocks may offer unique opportunities for individual investors. This year, 186 stocks passed the Shadow Stock screens. Read more »

The Rookies: Characteristics of the Shadow Stock Newcomers

February 2002 by Wayne A. Thorp
Stock Screening: One of the hottest sectors in 2001 has been consumer noncyclicals. This year's Shadow Stock Rookies list contains seven such firms. Read more »