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List of Speakers

Take a quick look at what these investment pros will teach you:

Key Ingredients for Successful Retirement Portfolios
Christine Benz discusses the key components of retiree portfolios today, including inflation protection, a stable pool of assets from which to draw assets for living expenses and a growth component for longevity. She also discusses some model "bucket" portfolios for retirees, consisting of both traditional mutual funds and exchange-traded funds.

2014 Outlook for the U.S. and Global Economy
Tony Crescenzi's lively presentation goes around the world to assess the macro investment climate, concluding with what matters most: investment ideas. He gives his viewpoints on the bond market, focusing on the outlook for interest rates, the Federal Reserve, the yield curve and interest rate volatility. His overview of the U.S. economic outlook and financial markets is also presented.

What Works on Wall Street
James O’Shaughnessy discusses approaches to stock investing that history suggests will work on Wall Street. Using data and research, he explains the key characteristics of an investment that do and don’t lead to better returns. Jim is recognized as one of America’s leading financial experts and a pioneer in quantitative equity analysis. He has been called a "world beater" and a "statistical guru" by Barron’s.

Panel Discussion: Best Strategies for the Individual Investor
Matt Schifrin, editor of Forbes Newsletter Group, moderates a panel discussion with four Forbes newsletter writers that gives you a better understanding of how to position your capital for a profitable 2014. The panel discusses winning strategies for the year ahead, plus the best stock and fund investment ideas.

Understanding Confidence and Bubbles in View of Recent Events
Robert Shiller discusses the recent level of market confidence based on changes in the stock market, the housing market and the overall economy. He explains how to use market indicators and historical data to analyze whether the market is currently overvalued and where it might be headed in the future. This presentation is a must-have for anyone who wants to know more about forcasting the direction of the markets!

Christine Benz
"Key Ingredients for Successful Retirement Portfolios"
Director of Personal Finance, Morningstar Inc.

John Buckingham
"Value of Dividends: Potentially Higher Returns, Lower Risk"
Editor, The Prudent Speculator

Marilyn Cohen
"Bond Crisis @ Glacial Speed"
Columnist, Forbes

Maria Crawford Scott
"Managing Your Money During Retirement"
Former Editor, AAII Journal

Tony Crescenzi
"The Outlook for the U.S. and Global Economy and the Financial Markets"
Executive Vice President, PIMCO

Harold Evensky
"The Future Ain't What It Used To Be"
President, Evensky & Katz

Mark Hulbert
"Timeless Investment Lessons Learned From Tracking Advisers For Over 30 Years"
Editor, Hulbert Financial Digest

Sheldon Jacobs
"How to Get the Highest Returns with the Least Effort"
Author, Founder, The No-Load Fund Investor

Chuck Jaffe
"Do Mutual Funds Still Work?"
Senior Columnist, MarketWatch

Ben Johnson
"An ETF Investor's Guide to Emerging Markets"
Director of Global Passive Fund Research, Morningstar

Jim Jubak
"Long-Term Investing in a Short-Term Market"
Chief Investment Officer, Jubak Asset Management, LLC

Michael Kahn
"Let Charts Help You Become a Better Investor"
Columnist, Barron's Online

Matt Krantz
"The Zen of Investing: Three Questions Every Investor Must Answer"
Markets Reporter, USA Today

Joe Lan
"Finding a Stock Winner: First Step Screening"
Assistant Financial Analyst, AAII

Neil Leeson
"ETFs and Investment Strategies to Match Investment Objectives"
ETF Strategist, Ned Davis Research, Inc.

Richard Lehmann
"Income Investing in Volatile Markets"
President, Income Securities Advisor Inc.

Mary Lyman
"MLP 101: What You Need to Know About Investing in MLPs)"
Executive Director, National Association of Publicly Traded Partnerships

Richard L. Peterson, MD
"Behavioral Investing: Demystifying the Psychological Drivers of Global Markets"
Managing Partner, MarketPsych, LLC

Charles Rotblut, CFA
"Smart Investing: Seeking Reward While Reducing Risk"
Vice President & AAII Editor, AAII Journal

Robert J. Shiller
"Understanding Confidence and Bubbles in View of Recent Events"
Economics Professor; S&P/Case-Shiller Home Price Indices

Sam Stovall
"Don't Dump Those Dividends!"
Chief Equity Strategist at S&P Capital IQ,

Michael C. Thomsett
"Covered Calls: The Conservative Cash Cow Strategy"
Author, “Trading With Candlesticks”

Wayne A. Thorp, CFA
"Determining a Stock's True Worth"
Editor, Computerized Investing & Financial Analyst, AAII

Jason Zweig
"Benjamin Graham and Behavioral Finance: Investing Lessons From an Old Master and a New Science"
Columnist, The Wall Street Journal