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    Exchange-traded funds (ETFs) continue to grow in popularity. There are now approximately 330 ETFs that each manage more than $200 million in assets.

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    Data downloads and “how-to” editorial are the perfect companion to our annual book.

Fund/ETF Investing Know-How

Fund Expenses: Class Matters When Buying Multi-Class Shares

You've decided on a particular asset class, checked all the ratings, sorted through all the funds, and finally selected one mutual fund to invest in.

No more choices, right?


Some fund investors are confronted with an unexpected choice: What class of mutual fund shares should they invest in?

The share classes are for the same fund, but they carry different fees and expenses, and perhaps different shareholder services.

Which one is best?

There is no one best class for all investors, but choose the wrong class for your investment goals and the costs can be considerable.

Class Structure

Different fund families assign different letters to similar classes. However, you will most commonly find these typical fee and expense structures for the first three...

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The Top Funds Over Five Years: Finding Common Themes in a Volatile Market

The past five years have truly tested the skills of mutual fund managers.

The equity markets went from boom to bust to rebound. The bond markets also fluctuated, especially in the high-yield spectrum. Emerging markets enjoyed strong economic growth. Then there were the commodity markets, which saw a bubble and a bust in the same calendar year.

The upside to this...

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