Chapter Meeting Calendar

AAII Chapter Meetings offer you a variety of presentations from expert speakers who will give you their view on the world of investing. A bonus of attending a Chapter Meeting near you is the opportunity to meet other AAII members who share your interest and enthusiasm for investing. You can even share the Chapter experience with your family and friends by inviting them to attend Chapter Meetings with you!

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Event Date Chapter Name Speaker
  October 26, 2016 DENVER Robert B. Drach
Founder, Drach Advisors LLC
""High-Probability Investing" "

  October 27, 2016 TWIN CITIES Chuck Semrow
Development Director, Regions Hospital Foundation
"How and When to Incorporate Planned Giving in your Estate Planning "

  October 27, 2016 BIRMINGHAM Robert B. Drach
Founder, Drach Advisors LLC
"High-Probability Investing "

  October 29, 2016 PHILADELPHIA Rachel Sheedy
Editor, Kiplinger’s Retirement Report
"Everything You Should Know About Retirement Plans, After You Retire "

  November 1, 2016 Atlanta Jessica Pestronk
Vice President, PIMCO
"PIMCO’s Bond Market Outlook "

  November 2, 2016 NEW YORK CITY Ken Fisher
Founder, Executive Chairman and Co-Chief Investment Officer, Fisher Investments
"Keeping Your Analysis Individual While Peering Into 2017 and Beyond "

  November 5, 2016 PHOENIX Colin C. Grover
Director of Advisory Services and Strategy, Portfolio Solutions
"Charting Your Own Course Toward Your Financial Goals "

  November 5, 2016 ORANGE COUNTY
Mebane, Faber, Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager, Cambria Investment Management
"How to Spot Bubbles, Avoid Crashes, and Gain in the Global Stock Market "

  November 7, 2016 EASTERN MICHIGAN Paul Merriman, Financial Advisor
"Financial Fitness Forever: 5 Steps to More Money, Less Risk and More Peace of Mind "

  November 9, 2016 COLUMBUS Ian Abbott
Owner, Abacus Financial Services
"Exchange-Traded Products: Facts, Myths, Pros & Cons "

  November 9, 2016 ROCHESTER Jason Fitzgerald, CFP
Senior Vice President, Investment Officer, Canandaigua National Bank & Trust
"Evidence-Based Investing: Viewing Capital Markets With a Different Lens "

  November 10, 2016 ST LOUIS David Johnson
Chief Investment Officer, Global Capital Group
"How to Reduce Risk and Increase Returns With True Diversification "

  November 12, 2016 BALTIMORE William Purvin
Vice President and Regional Brokerage Consultant, Fidelity Investments
"Workshop: What the Fidelity Active Trader Pro Platform Can Do for You "

  November 12, 2016 SILICON VALLEY Don Stewart
Investment Adviser and Longtime REIT Investor
"Investing in REITs "

Al Zmyslowski
Computerized Investing Subgroup Chair, AAII Silicon Valley Chapter
"Computerized Investing: How to Verify Your Investment Strategy "

  November 12, 2016 CHICAGO Jack Vogel, Ph.D
Co-CIO and Managing Member, Alpha Architect
"Quantitative Momentum "

  November 12, 2016 CHARLOTTE Mark Hulbert
Founder, Hulbert Financial Digest; Columnist, MarketWatch and USA Today
"Lessons Learned From Four Decades of Tracking Advisers’ Returns "

  November 12, 2016 PORTLAND Lori Schock
Director of Office of Investor Education and Advocacy, U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission
"Regulatory Update From the SEC "

John M. Bajkowski
President, AAII
"AAII Shadow Stock Portfolio: From Theory to Practical Application "

  November 12, 2016 SAN DIEGO Cory C Grant
Founder & Shareholder, Grant, Hinkle & Jacobs, Inc.
"Estate Planning: It's Not All About Taxes "

  November 12, 2016 RESEARCH TRIANGLE Michael Osteen
Chief Investment Strategist, Port Wren Capital, LLC
"The Key to Better Investments "

  November 12, 2016 CLEVELAND Lou Floyd
Retired Chemist
"Live Demonstration: Creating and Annotating Charts from Scratch "

  November 14, 2016 NORTHERN NEW JERSEY Robert J. Martorana CFA
Portfolio Manager, Right Blend Investing LLC
"How to Read Financial News: Cutting Through the Nonsense and Clutter "

  November 15, 2016 BOSTON Christopher Foote Ph.D.
Senior Economist and Policy Adviser, Federal Reserve Bank of Boston
"U.S. Monetary Policy in 2017 and Beyond "

John Manley CFA
Chief Equity Strategist, Wells Fargo Asset Management
"Can Anything Be Left in the Equity Bull Market? "

  November 15, 2016 SOUTHEAST FLORIDA Wayne Connors
"The Simplest Way to Increase Your Portfolio’s Performance "

  November 15, 2016 PITTSBURGH Christine Benz
Director of Personal Finance, Morningstar, Inc.
"Morningstar’s Best Ideas for 2017 and Beyond "

  November 15, 2016 HOUSTON Christina Lesher
Attorney, Law Office of Christina Lesher, PC
"The Holistic Approach to Elder Care and How It Impacts Estate Planning "

  November 16, 2016 SOUTHEAST FLORIDA Wayne Connors
"The Simplest Way to Increase Your Portfolio’s Performance "

  November 16, 2016 CENTRAL FLORIDA Paul Townsend
Associate Vice President and Investment Officer, Wells Fargo Advisors
"It's What You Learn After You Know it All that Counts "

  November 16, 2016 LONG ISLAND Karen C. Altfest, Ph.D.
Principal Advisor, Altfest Personal Wealth Management
"Making Financial Decisions: Before and After the Loss of a Loved One "

  November 17, 2016 MILWAUKEE Robert J. Steliga
Principal, Steliga & Associates
"Tax Issues Every Investor Should Understand "

  November 17, 2016 SOUTHWEST FLORIDA Paul Townsend
Associate Vice President and Investment Officer, Wells Fargo Advisors LLC
"It's What You Learn After You Know It All That Counts "

  November 19, 2016 SAN FRANCISCO Philip Friedman Ph.D.
President Emeritus and Economics Professor, Golden Gate University
"The Economy and the Election: Before and After "

Chad Gray CFA
Portfolio Manager and Director, Convergence Investment Management
"Understanding Closed-End Funds "

  November 19, 2016 WASHINGTON DC METRO Mebane Faber
Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer, Cambria Investment Management
"The Biggest Mistakes Investors Are Making Right Now and What to Do About Them "

  November 19, 2016 LOS ANGELES Christine Benz
Director of Personal Finance, Morningstar
"Morningstar's Best Ideas for 2017 and Beyond "

Christine Benz
Director of Personal Finance, Morningstar
"7 Keys to a Successful Retirement Portfolio Plan "

  November 19, 2016 PUGET SOUND Tom Cock
Co-Host, KOMO's "Talking Real Money" Show
"The Evolution of Real Investing "

Don McDonald
Co-Host, KOMO’s “Talking Real Money” show
"Protect Your Money: Tips for Sound Investing"

Peter Chandler
Director of Investor Education, FINRA
"Opportunities in Securities Arbitration"

  November 29, 2016 PHILADELPHIA William Dunkelberg
Chief economist, National Federation of Independent Business
"Will the Election Matter to Small Business? "

  December 1, 2016 SOUTH/CENTRAL NEW ENGLAND John P. Reese
Founder, Validea Capital Management LLC
"Do the Strategies of Investing Greats Still Work in Today’s Market? "

Frank R. Casey
Managing Partner, PEAQ Capital Strategies LLC
"Chasing Bernie Madoff "

  December 10, 2016 SILICON VALLEY Alan Pinck
Enrolled Agent and Owner, A. Pinck & Associates
"2016 Update for Individual Taxpayers "

  December 10, 2016 RESEARCH TRIANGLE Roger S. Conrad
Co-Founder, Capitalist Times; Editor, Conrad’s Utility Investor
"Big Yield Hunting On Deadly Ground "

  December 14, 2016 CENTRAL FLORIDA Keith Howard
President, AAII Space Coast Investment Education Group
"Expected Returns Over the Next Decade "

  December 14, 2016 COLUMBUS Tom Davison Ph.D.
Partner Emeritus, Summit Financial Strategies; Blogger,
"Reverse Mortgages: Home Equity Loans Designed for Retirement "