AAII’s Best of the Net: 2013 Guide to the Top Investment Websites, 17th Edition

Our 17th annual Best of the Net guide features what we consider to be the most useful online resources. We tell you where to go to find data, access good analytical tools and get answers to key questions. In all cases, we looked for websites that provide useful information, are easy to use and do not overwhelm you with ads. Whenever possible, we sought out websites that are free, though when subscriptions fees are charged, we clearly tell you. (Keep in mind that many websites offer both free and subscription-based content.)

Our primary criterion for analyzing a website was to consider whether it offered value for its visitors. There are a large number of websites with well-designed pages and lots of content, but that possess little that is unique enough to make them stand out from their peers. We paid a lot of attention to the quality of content and whether it was credible or not. We also compared our former Best of the Net picks against their peers to see if a better alternative has emerged in the past 12 months.

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One notable website missing from this year’s guide is The site was shut down earlier this year by its corporate parent, Dow Jones. We were sad to see it go because was one of our favorite websites for both content and tools. In its place, you will see several new names.

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Jerry Matson from California posted 5 months ago:

Two I like and use are:



Richard Foley from Massachusetts posted 5 months ago:

I have been exploring "StockRover".com lately and like it a lot. Have you tried it? What is your evaluation?
Dick F.

Paul Senior from California posted 4 months ago:

For "Best of the Net rating to...a site... that provides investment information or service that, in MY view, is both useful and substantial to individual investors and available either for free or for a reasonable price is:

I never see this site mentioned. Too bad. Over the years, some of the guys on some of the value and dividend threads on the site really have been able to make great arguments for what turned out to be very profitable stock picks and/or dividend plays. The site's a great resource for ideas.

R Curry from California posted 4 months ago: is the tops in the "stock data" category because of the large amount of data available, both fundamental and technical. Because you can screen on all these, it should be the top free web based screener too. Search for "Best stock screener" and see what always get top marks:

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